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User Info: ArcXenos

5 years ago#11
dueric posted...

Can you recover easily? Unlike the SWAT.

You get a second chance (well mostly) , if you missed the first burst .

its really good for strafing too .

User Info: superchild211

5 years ago#12
darkstar1080 posted...
Quote:darkstar1080 posted...
It's deadly accurate due to the fact it's burst. But it's pretty much full auto with how fast the burst fire. Also, it looks cool. And it's pretty powerful

How's the burst when you get caught off guard though?

Can you recover easily? Unlike the SWAT.

Just seems weird to use a burst SMG to me. Kind of counterintuitive.


The 4 burst fire in about a quarter of a second and there's no delay in the burst. Pretty much as fast as you can pull the trigger is as fast as the burst will fire off. I suggest the laser sight for it. Deadly up close

I tried it with a silencer and it feels really inconsistent. Works well without a silencer though.
"Might controls everything, and without strength you cannot protect anything. Let alone yourself."

User Info: ArcXenos

5 years ago#13

I know the score compared to MW3's is not very good , but this is BO2 /.

I will probably spend my prestige token on the chicom . Its just that good.

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