MW2 had the best gun balance.

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  3. MW2 had the best gun balance.

User Info: laidiesmann24

5 years ago#1
Aside from the OMA/DC/Commando plague. MW2 had the best balance in this area. Think about it. It didn't matter if you were using the Barret, an UMP45, a Spas-12, or a Tar-21. Every category was good and had great guns that could contend. There might be one or two decent AR's, but the SMG's dominate most weapons in this game.

COD4 had the M16/MP5, WAW had the MP40, BO had the Famas, MW3 I don't really know because I only played it for a couple weeks(was it that FMG9 or something before the patch?) But MW2, people had to argue on what the best gun was. Everything was good. I need that balance again.

User Info: IAmNOTMcLovin

5 years ago#2
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User Info: xBrokenxHalox

5 years ago#3
Yeah but the OMA/DC noobtubes are part of that balance...

You can't just say "Besides the m16, cod4 had the best balance!"

User Info: ICantNameGud

5 years ago#4
You must have stopped playing before every match became Intervention spam/cross-map UMP45 sprays
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User Info: razaky2012

5 years ago#5
Agreed. MW2 was epic.

It all went downhill went downhill when the original IW staff were fired.

Activision shall burn in hell for that decision and consequently giving us the demon spawn that is MW3

User Info: RandomTramp

5 years ago#6
I agree. Best guns, best gun balance (all deadly) and best hit detection.

The issues with MW2 were caused by bad perks.

User Info: SergioMach5

5 years ago#7
Spas-12 was a secondary. If the shotguns were primaries it would be fine, but they kicked out any reason for a handgun or some of the Machine pistols
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User Info: darod2007

5 years ago#8
The guns were only balanced because of Stopping Power. I would rather have unbalanced guns and no Stopping Power to be honest.
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User Info: zeppo_basic

5 years ago#9
No CoD has ever had great gun balance to be honest, there have always been broken weapons in every game. SMGs in particular have always been kind of broken, the MP5 was beastly in 4, WaW was ruled by the MP40, UMP in MW2, take your pick in BO1 but mostly Kiparis, and again take your pick in MW3 but typically MP7. The trick is they changed the way guns are balanced in this one significantly, you have to think outside the box. There are no more dedicated semi and burst ARs anymore really, with select-fire every AR can be a precision or a full-auto weapon. Snipers are one-hit kills now for the most part, so they are more powerful than ever really. Add on to this the iron sights on the second bolt-action rifle (don't recall it's name, sorry), which you will see people start rolling once they figure it out, and snipers are actually really beastly. And really, don't discount the LMGs people, they tear people apart without rapid fire and are actually a lot more accurate than one may think. It feels unbalanced in this game simply because people are flocking straight to the SMGs and ignoring everything else, and they are pretty noobish weapons but that will change. People will open up more to other weapons I think, plus I expect a nerf to at least the MP7, they nerfed the AK74U in BO1 after all...

User Info: laidiesmann24

5 years ago#10
SergioMach5 posted...
Spas-12 was a secondary. If the shotguns were primaries it would be fine, but they kicked out any reason for a handgun or some of the Machine pistols

Do you remember the akimbo Glocks? So.......I can't agree with your point, lol
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