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User Info: Appetiser

5 years ago#31
From: Loyal Royal | #016
I have 3

Karl Pilkington:

Cartman Bane:

Well hello there Mr UPS Man...

Nice Karl!
GT: Hate House

User Info: 0PTICS

5 years ago#32
Recreated my old BO1 emblem:

Anyone know how to do gradients? Not opacity. I've seen some before, maybe it was modded cuz I stopped seeing them.

User Info: MegaTape13

5 years ago#33
Littleshrtstout posted...

Littleshrtstout posted...

Those are my 2 favorite emblems I've ever seen in either BO game, including my Cubone and any of the emblems posted in that huge thread on the BO board. The craftsmanship is godly and that Panda is adorable. The transparent ring is pretty clever too.

Littleshrtstout posted...

This one just cracked me up, lol
Oh the movie never ends...

User Info: KabtheMentat

5 years ago#34
I wish I could recreate this pic in the emblem editor, or at least the head. But I have no idea where to start.
Big Money. Big Women. Big Fun.

User Info: matrix0523

5 years ago#35
From: GodlyTwins | #028

3 star Dragon Ball

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User Info: x_Viral_x

5 years ago#36

Gotta dig the straw hats.

User Info: ShinRaKnight

5 years ago#37

nothing major.
GT- Abyssal Shift

User Info: thegrinchypoo

5 years ago#38
My jake from adventure time made with my 5+7 year old -
Aslong as your loving the games on the system your playing, then YOU are the one winning the console war, remember play the games, not the console

User Info: iwanacobraR2000

5 years ago#39
Mine is simple. In as large of a text as possible STOP D*** EMBLEMS
In my experience, juggalo is a seven letter word that means "I can't spell the word psycho properly and enjoy terrible music

User Info: ArgentumVir

5 years ago#40

I'm more a fan of the FO3 BoS than I am the Canon BoS, but whatever.
Call me Sterling, or Silva.
I love Rias Gremory.
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