Black Ops 2 encourages camping without knowing it

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User Info: ellez

5 years ago#1
First, I do want to say that this could've been the best cod ever. BUT it is the worst cod ever, when it comes to multiplayer. Now hear me out, this isn't a rant but true facts.

Black Ops 2 encourages camping by taking out elements that leaves people out of their comfort zone, which makes people a bit more paranoid. Thus, leads to camping.

With no Ghost (until 55 or if you use the preset), UAVs are way more precious than anything. People need to build up their skill streaks. Thus, leads to camping.

Can't hear anything. It seems like the whole map is covered in carpet. Now, I believe if you are running, obviously your footsteps should be louder. It doesn't give the player a chance to react (Ive also done it to people and find it cheap). Why equip dead silence when everyone already has it? Ive spawned behind people and ran after them without them knowing I was behind them. Thus leads to camping.

The Maps. There are WAY TOO MANY spots where you can hide behind something and wait at a corner for kills. People call it "head glitching" but the fact is.. I do it and every smart player does it. So why go out there (especially when there's a enemy UAV and you have no ghost) and get popped by some corner camper? no thanks.. I rather drop some bouncing betties and take my chances at my spot. Thus leads to camping.

Lag Compensation. People can agree with me or not but of course connection can mean a lot. This is in every cod, but this has to be the worst when it comes to the enemy getting second chances on shootouts where they had no chance in. Sometimes it takes a whole clip for a guy to die, sometimes it only takes a bullet. Now, if you played cod, it's always been like that.. but now it is pretty bad. I don't know if it's just the servers or whatever but it makes players not want to go out and shoot out knowing they might not have a good chance against someone. Thus leads to camping.

Some people might agree or disagree to some of these points I make but I believe they are pretty valid and these problems should be fixed. This have mad potential to be a great cod but falls short tremendously.

User Info: T_r_a_m_P

5 years ago#2
I agree with the head glitching spots, Wayyyyyy to many in every level, i cant stop rushing and its killing me, literally
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User Info: chessmyantidrug

5 years ago#3
Campers will camp regardless of the measures taken to prevent it. I disagree, however, that this game promotes camping. Even after you unlock Ghost, you can't remain stationary if you hope to stay off radar.

With Hardline, you get your scorestreaks anywhere from 1 to 3 kills sooner. In objective-based games, you're actually penalized for camping because you get fewer points per kill. For example, it will take seven kills to get a UAV in Kill Confirmed if you're not running Hardline and don't pick up any tags; with Hardline, it only takes two kills and two confirms.

I have had games in Kill Confirmed where I scored over 5000 points and I didn't score all those points by camping.

User Info: theicon89

5 years ago#4
Listen to this dude ellez he knows what he is talking about.

User Info: MitzeIpik

5 years ago#5
I agree with most of the points made
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User Info: Mr_Fury32

5 years ago#6
i agree, ESPECIALLY about the lag compensation, if you try a "run 'n' gun" style of play, your dead. on my screen i unload about 7-10 bullets, but the killcam dictates different, only 3-4...

the only weapon that gets through this are Shotguns.
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User Info: Arcanine2009

5 years ago#7
This is launch week. Of course people aren't going to run around with their heads cut off. People will get used to maps first, which will make them "less cautious."
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User Info: Zero IX

Zero IX
5 years ago#8
True facts? Nope, the OP is just a rant, and that's by definition.

First, let me hit you with an anecdotal point: BO2 is by far the least campy Call of Duty, especially at this stage in its metagame... and if someone's camping, you know where they are and shouldn't be surprised when you can't shoot someone who is already ADS out of a headglitch with your whole body exposed.

Second, just learn the god damn maps. If I can learn effective ways to navigate the clutter of MW3's maps and take advantage of that game's sight lines, anyone can do the same in BO2, which actually has intelligently designed maps. This ties into my first point.

Please, do yourself and everyone reading this a favor: post up in a stand-alone building or along an obscure line of sight and see how long you last with every UAV sweep lighting you up. Even better, see if you can actually get a good score like that. I'm pretty average and not some sort of CoD god, but come on, camping for killstreaks was way worse in past games. That's not even debatable. In the original Blops, I could spend two-three minutes in a high-traffic area with Ghost and a Motion Sensor and get a Blackbird, which guaranteed me CG and dogs. You can't tell me this is just as viable a strategy in BO2, because it's not. The risk of sitting in one place is much higher and the rewards are not nearly as good or as easy to come by.

Third, I agree the sound mixing for footsteps could certainly be improved. However, this goes both ways, and not counting the vast, overwhelming majority of players who don't give a rat's ass about soundwhoring, for every one guy who sits in his spawn because he's afraid of moving due to not hearing anything, there are five guys charging the campy player's position, fully confident precisely because he can't hear them.

When you're making an argument, you have to examine every implication of your assertion, not just those which appeal to you. The prevalence of Ghost, which essentially had no competition, made BO's overall pace much slower; BO2's pace is much faster due to the efficacy of UAV and Ghost practically being nonexistent. The latter situation doesn't somehow encourage camping; it makes it far less convenient.

BO2 is a game that pulls out all the stops to get players to move around. It doesn't just strongly suggest movement so much as it very nearly demands it. The real issue that many players are facing is that they get out there, move around, and get punished for it by lag comp which makes it harder to learn the maps/guns and enjoy the game. The game isn't encouraging campy. It's doing everything it can to discourage camping, but the fact that many players feel like every gunfight is a coin-toss puts them at odds with the gameplay.

I'm a solo player who had a 2.0~ KDR and a 1.5-2.0 W/L in past games, and I'm sitting at a 1.5 KDR and a 1.3 W/L in BO2 now... but I'm not going to give up on the game just because it's harder to play and actually puts whatever small skill I have to the test. If you want to take down a camper, all you need's SitRep.

Change your matchmaking preferences to "Best" and show campers that they should be playing another CoD.
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User Info: whitelytning

5 years ago#9
From: Zero IX | #008
Blah blah blah I don't agree with TC so I'm going to try to pretend he is wrong even though he isn't blah blah blah.

TC you are right and people are starting to catch on.

Because of the UAVs all the people that used to run ghost and attack or flank are sitting back waiting anytime a UAV is in the air because its the only smart choice you have. You can either run towards the enemy as a red dot on the radar or hide behind something and make them come to you. Simple, easy to understand logic.

User Info: Arcanine2009

5 years ago#10
Treyarch has significantly tried cutting back on camping

-no more motion sensors
-Ghost cut down to 4 perks, with hardwired being too situational/useless, and Ghost only working half the time and being unlocked at level 55
-MSMC, target finder, and dual band being available for every class(not all 3 for every class) to find campers. Though these can also work in camper's favor as well.
-sniper rifles give out smoke trails when firing

Truth is though, camping will never be removed completely because

1. its launch week and people are getting used to maps
2. camping is a legitimate tactic in the eyes of many cod fans, no matter how long or how people camp. Snipers must be stationary to snipe, especially at long range. Many play styles revolve around camping, and if the devs took them away, sniper classes and modes would be taken away.
3. People naturally adapt to new environments and make it similar as their old playstyles if possible, give or take a few changes.
Less is more. Everything you want, isn't everything you need.
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