How long before the badkids stop crying about the lag

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User Info: BrooklynsOwn

4 years ago#11
ICantNameGud posted...
Play at 2-3AM your time. Tell me you don't have connection issues.

Word.. 2 am it flows like water.. I can't play during the day at all.. missing point black KSG shots.. loosing gun battle I should win.. I shoot people from behind.. get one hit marker only.. then get killed.. it kills the fun in the game when you can't do anything.. I mean the people who live in areas that have servers strong enough to handle high traffic good for you.. but if your not experiencing it.. don't call the people that are.. cry babies.. we paid for the game too.. and shouldnt be forced to play at 1 in the morning.. some of of have jobs.. my hours don't allow to play during low ping/traffic times.. the match making needs fixing..
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User Info: bebetoc

4 years ago#12
i have really crappy connection,worst thing is you won't notice lag,i sucked in 10 games while my nat was moderate,it seemed i need 20 bullets with m27 to kill enemy and when my nat type was open i saw m27 is pretty good,with hand grip can headshot and kill really fast, i had like 20 to 30 kills per's enormous difference based on connectivity speed.

User Info: tazerhater

4 years ago#13
fatclemenza posted...
From: xPROxRusher | #004
aghh they never will stop crying there will always be lag as excuse to how terrible they do.

Its a problem. Just because you don't notice it doesn't mean its not a problem.

this, my kd isn't by all means that good, (1.51, 300spm) i definitely feel like it could be better if i wasn't dying around corners.
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User Info: Myst2

4 years ago#14
it's a legit problem

I went 31-2 two games ago, and then the next game I only went 12-4
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  3. How long before the badkids stop crying about the lag

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