The sightlines and map designs are a disaster. Pick 10 may actually be as well

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  3. The sightlines and map designs are a disaster. Pick 10 may actually be as well

User Info: torey_caylor

4 years ago#31
And some maps don't encourage rushing at all. Like Express. Terrible map. Have to equip FAL to pick off all those annoying Grizz wannabes

User Info: FinalWolf

4 years ago#32
People are head glitching because they want those camos for head shots lol.

User Info: OrgeLambart

4 years ago#33
I'm actually doing better starting off in this game than I did in previous games. I'm at about 1.05 k/d, where as the previous games I would always tank at the start and have a sub .65 k/d ratio until I got used to the maps and it would be a slow steady climb.

Normally I'd have up and down matches, some matches where I'd go 30 - 10 and other games where I'd be 10 - 30. This game I tend to be more even. I tend to have way more positive games than negitive. I typically only go negitive when the other team really chokes down on the spawn points or it's a map I absolutely hate.

User Info: FinalWolf

4 years ago#34
Oh and the people spawning behind you? I think you mean people on your team pushing the spawns trying to get their k-9 units/swarms.

People play this game like all the other cods and it's obviously not working.

User Info: koujimoreno

4 years ago#35
KingisLegend posted...
koujimoreno posted...
KingisLegend posted...
koujimoreno posted...
Afghan_Whig777 posted...

Forget about spawn trapping, they spawn behind and around you

My god, this.

I've killed someone, turned around to go back the way I came and saw the same dude i just killed gunning me down.

And honestly, I've done the same thing, though I would prefer if the issue didn't exist all together.

There is a way to counter everything in this game you will figure it out..... or will you?

That's your response? You shouldn't be on a message board...

That's your response on a game message board? you shouldn't have been born.

Yeah I guess I should just go recode the game so the spawns aren't directly behind or next to the person, thanks.

User Info: CinderDragon77

4 years ago#36
vigorm0rtis posted...
Afghan_Whig777 posted...

This game REALLY caters to people running around mindlessly with the only true option being an smg, and perhaps in the future, M8's/AN94's

The game also caters to headglitching, which isn't good game designing, period. It's rarely an issue in the Halo series

The game, ironically caters to rushing, but every route you take is a rock, papers scissors scenario, due to how flankable every route is

I don't know, I've had a lot of success with the 870 and Type 25, but I play mostly objective matches. Headglitching, yeah, it's kind of a problem, but there are enough approaches that if someone doing it gets me twice, it's my fault.

I like the 870, it's pretty fun to make the smg users rage with it(thankfully it's more consistent than the MW3 shotguns were.) Also, ever try to kill the headglitchers above your spawn on hijacked, that's the only time that it is in fact impossible to kill them until you die a few times and maybe spawn behind cover or they get bored and leave in my experience.
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User Info: FeelMyBlade

4 years ago#37
The maps are fine.

An improvement over the MW3 maps.
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User Info: Takuru

4 years ago#38
Afghan_Whig777 posted...
There's far too many flankable routes

Good, campers can't hide now and you are forced at actually move through the map with your team.

Afghan_Whig777 posted...
along with very few power positions in this game.

Good, camping is stupid.

User Info: dadkwashere

4 years ago#39
The eight different directions thing you said I truly agree on. 9/10 an enemy will come out of one of those directions and if he isn't in your line of sight sayanora shadow the hedgehog.
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User Info: supercoolisaac

4 years ago#40
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  3. The sightlines and map designs are a disaster. Pick 10 may actually be as well

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