The sightlines and map designs are a disaster. Pick 10 may actually be as well

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  3. The sightlines and map designs are a disaster. Pick 10 may actually be as well

User Info: CallMeSeeker

4 years ago#51
There's nothing wrong with pick 10.
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User Info: AngelicTouch99

4 years ago#52
I love the game so far. The pick 10 is great and much better then the past perk loadouts.
The maps are good except for Carrier.

User Info: xFrostxPhoenix

4 years ago#53
Am I the only one that is confused with people complaining about multiple flanking routes especially in objective gameplay? So what you're telling me is that you want to get the objective and be able to watch it with little-to-no threat whatsoever? That sounds boring lol.
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User Info: abel13111

4 years ago#54
Pick 10 I have no problems with. As with the maps, it seems like they took their ideas straight from the MW3 mapmaker playbook. There are no power positions as you put it to force conflict between the teams. So everyone just runs around like a chicken with their head cut off in the clutter below, hunting for an enemy, or they sit in the corner watching one of the many doorways. Then when you do kill an enemy, you have to watch behind you to make sure the spawn system won't spawn him right behind you.

It does seem clear to me though treyarch put a lot of thought into this game, I'll give them that. But it suffers from the same problems as past CoD games.
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User Info: bobstevens23123

4 years ago#55
Afghan_Whig777 posted...
After really getting my hours into this, I'm hating the game more and more despite really wanting to love it

The sightlines are a disaster in this game. There's far too many flankable routes, along with very few power positions in this game. There's tons of crannies and nooks, but many of them have a very limited view of things

The simple truth is, people simply don't have eyes in the back of their head, almost every area in this game has 8 different directions you can be shot from.

The maps are far, far too tight and small, so of course the smgs are dominating by far, and I think the smgs are benefiting too much now as a result from the perk as a result from the pick 10 system

In order to balance this, Tryearch incorporated a massive amount of headglitch spots to sit in the back in order to counter the smg styles

I'll give it to Tryearch, they put a lot of thought into this game, if you're still good, you're good, just not as great as you used to be, if you're bad, you're bad, but they really put a lot of thought into leveling the field for the skilled and unskilled

I won't go into lag compensation, but a lot of us can agree it's worse than ever, or at least as bad as when MW3 first came out

The spawns are a big problem too, which I'm not sure can be fixed

I hope you had the same problems with mw3. These maps are hands down better. These spawns are hands down better. The pick 10 system is an amazing idea. BO2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MW3
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User Info: amusingOne

4 years ago#56
This series is in dire need of a reboot. Simply rearranging perks, guns, and idiotic killstreaks every year is getting old
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  3. The sightlines and map designs are a disaster. Pick 10 may actually be as well

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