What scorestreaks are you running right now?

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  3. What scorestreaks are you running right now?

User Info: ssupermario92

4 years ago#1
I'm currently running Lighting Strike>Death Machine>War Machine
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User Info: sulkythefish

4 years ago#2
Was running UAV>lightning strike>sentry gun for a while

Using UAV>lightning strike>AGR at the moment just to try It out before I prestige

User Info: FRo3tBLo0d

4 years ago#3
UAV-Hellstorm-:Lightning strike

User Info: supercoolisaac

4 years ago#4
Right now? Default ones lol, just prestiged.

But when i have everything unlocked: uav/blackbird/swarm(or dogs)
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User Info: CaptnFlounder

4 years ago#5
UAV - Care Package - Guardian.

UAV because, well, its UAV. CP because I love "gambling," run engineer anyways, and want a chance to try everything. Guardian because I play almost exclusively CTF and it gives me peace of mind to set one by the flag while I rush to get theirs.
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User Info: fueled-system

4 years ago#6
Hunter Killer
Carepackage-thrown off map for blackhat and possibility of a spawn killer

I usually run high streaks but no sense yet, this game is too new and alot of ways to die
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  2. Call of Duty: Black Ops II
  3. What scorestreaks are you running right now?

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