Let's all just be honest here

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User Info: jay11228181

5 years ago#11
Bigger maps would have made Black Ops 2 so much better. That being said the first modern warfare game is the best, it's not even debatable.

User Info: GenericGFsName

5 years ago#12
Nah, they just plain suck. I play CoD 2 until 3 came out and hated 3 then went back to CoD 2.

I kept playing 2 until 4 came out, I then switched to 4 because it was really fun.

I played 4 until MW2 came out and switched because it is really really really really fun.

I played black ops for about 2 hours and went back to MW2 because BO was boring.

Then MW3 came out, which I played for 2 weeks and went back to MW2 because MW3 was terrible.

Now BO2 has came out and I refuse to buy it until I rent/borrow it, but I imagine that I will still be playing MW2 even after I try it.

MW2 has the best maps, the best gun balance, the best feel, the best perks, amazing spawns, and the best net code with great hit detection. Yeah, the map Estate sucked but comparing estate to new maps it is sad that MW2's worst map is better than BO / MW3's best maps. No gun was really underpowered aside from the F2000 but there are still people that swear by the gun in CQC, which it is great at. Understanding that coldblood / ghost / assassin needs a counter with stopping power. Loud footsteps so that using commando / sitrep actually has a disadvantage.

Yep, there is OMA but you only encounter that in Domination where kids are trying to be pro. I play deathmatch / 3rd person / FFA / CTF and I never really have a problem with them. If you aren't bad they are easy to counter as well, I have over a 5 KDR in MW2 and I don't use noobtubes. What's your excuse?

There is also the nuke but out of years of playing I have gotten legitimately nuked 3 times. Tac insertion is annoying in FFA but once you know the hiding spots its just another free 3 kills to add to you.

TL:DR; No, time will not make MW3 good, its is a terrible game and will always be terrible.
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User Info: Krazyknux

5 years ago#13
Really the only thing bad about MW3 was deathstreaks to be fair. Hands down would be best without that stuff.

BO2 is solid, and I can tell it's way better than the 1st iteration. But it seems to be the trend that people will hate on the current COD game.

MW3 will win in the end.
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User Info: Alivath

5 years ago#14
MW3 = No chance what so ever
going to be left in the dust.

User Info: Aristoph

5 years ago#15
From: L4DMalus | #007
Modern Warfare > Black Ops > Modern Warfare 2 > Modern Warfare 3 > World at War (Black Ops 2 hasn't made the chart yet)

Mostly this, except swap MW3 and WaW. I think WaW got a lot of hate because everyone felt it was still "stuck" in WW2, and unfairly docked it points just because they had gotten tired of the setting and not necessarily based on the merits of how it played.
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