Question about Story please ...(Spoiler)

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User Info: pp_sven_berg

5 years ago#1
may be a stupid question so i'm sorry,

- I saw a child was trying to save woman (his mom ?) from burning alive . Is that child is Menendez ?

- And how their house is on fire ?

- I read Wiki and it said Menendez's father was killed by CIA, Is his father in the game ? may be I miss something

Thank you

User Info: Koruwa

5 years ago#2
dunno bout the first question but you kill menendez's father in the awful vita blops game while playing as hudson
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User Info: xGenocidest

5 years ago#3
It's Menendez, and it's his Sister that survives.

The CIA tried to kill his father, and ended up burning the house down, which resulted in his sister being disfigured.
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User Info: copperfield13

5 years ago#4
It if you want to listen to Menendez, he says the building was burned for insurance money by the American owner of the building they were in. Which led to him and his father becoming part of the cartel.
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  3. Question about Story please ...(Spoiler)

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