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User Info: Anon330

5 years ago#1
These posts contain spoilers!

Note: Also included in this is a strategy. I will repost multiple times as I have so much to share. Please request this get a sticky.

THE FIRST THING YOU HAVE TO DO IS CREATE A TURBINE IN SPAWN. There are 3 pieces laying around spawn, a mannequin, a fan, and a wire. The wire spawns near the phones, the fan will spawn on a bench, and the mannequin will spawn in front of the sign in the middle of the room (either side)

People have been saying "Oh yeah, let's not turn the power on! This way the electric guy won't come and completely ruin our game!" No. Turn the power on round one. It's entirely possible, and easy. All you have to do is save one zombie, get him on the bus with you guys so he doesn't get killed by the bus. So the power should be on by the time you end round one. If you guys are good, then knifing the electric fella shouldn't be that much of a issue at all, and he should be defeated after about 20 knifes. (four players)

The AK74u outside of the power area is a really good gun, but unfortunately you are turning the power on during round one, so you won't have enough to get the gun. When the bus eventually comes back to this area, I recommend getting it if you do not have what is about to be addressed. The MP5K is cheaper than the 74u and you will be there shortly.

So you have the power activated, and now it's round two. I recommend looping in the Diner until you have enough to get the knuckles on top of the Diner, they cost 6000. Buying the MP5 will make your life easier when getting the amount of points you need. To get to the top of the Diner, all you have to do is put the Bus Hatch in the Diner. To do this, go to the back of the Diner, and look up near the ceiling. You will see a closed hatch, you can then put the Bus Hatch in this location.

After you have the knuckles, getting points will become rather easy. You should then get perks, as the perks will not effect anyone unless the power is on. Sure you can use the Turbine to power the perk machines without the power on, however they will not be in effect. Juggy, Tombstone, Stamina Up, and either Quick Revive/Speed Cola are my recommended perks to buy.

If you buy the perks with the Turbine while the power is not activated, the perks will not have their effect. They will be in the lower left corner dimmed out. When you turn the power on, the perks regain color, and the effect of the perk is now working.

Once you have your perks, you should still have the benefit of the knuckles being a one hit kill. The knuckles are a one hit kill until round 12, and a two hit kill until round 22. Also, the knuckles will knock the Denizen off you in two hits, opposed to five hits with the knife. This is when you should start hitting the box. People should have the Ray Gun, as going over the bridge back to the spawn area is a lot easier with the Ray. It gets crazy, and in my opinion the bridge is the scariest part of the entire county.

Once you have good guns, your perks, the knuckles should stop being a one hit kill. The knuckles DO work with the Ballistic Knife. Also, if you buy the Bowie Knife while having the knuckles, the Bowie Knife will replace them.

At this time you will want to upgrade, as the zombies will become harder to kill. I will explain how to access, and how to build the Pack-A-Punch in the next post. After upgrading, looping is not hard at all once you get familiar with the ground being hot lava. I personally like looping outside of the Diner, and in Town.

The barn has been a death trap for me personally, however being able to put a upgraded gun in the fridge in the House on the barn seems to be a good thing. If you die while you have a gun in the fridge, it will save to your profile for use in a new game.

In the bank, you can store points, withdraw points, and give points to teammates. Points stored in the bank save to your profile for use in a new game.

All that's left to do is survive, good luck!

User Info: Anon330

5 years ago#2
Zombie Shield is in the building next to the Diner, it's basically a Riot Shield.
Car door found in the garage.
Dolly found in diner.
OP Question: Does anyone know if two people stand back to back with these equipped, if it's impossible for either of them to take damage due to both sides being protected with the Zombie Shield? In theory, I think it should be this way, but I cannot confirm it.

Machine Gun Turret is in the Farm, it is a Machine Gun Turret.
Machine gun found in either the house or barn.
Ammo Pouch found in living room or kitchen of house.
Lawnmower found around sides of house.

Electric Trap is in the Power Station, it's a small portable electric fence trap.
TV tube found on windows up stairs from bench.
Car battery found on barrels around the same area.
Tesla Ball assembly found usually beside the Tombstone Soda.

Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 (spelling?)is in the Town, it's a wave cannon.
Jet engine is found in the tunnel between spawn, and the Diner.
Wire is found in the same area as the Electric Trap parts.
Headlight found in cabin where the Bowie Knife is between the Power Station and Town.
Handle is found in the WaW map section on right side of the road between the Farm and the Power Station.

Navcard Usage Machine is under the pylon in the corn made on the left side of the road between bus stops 3, and 4. You have to play on original difficulty for this.
Purple Rock is in the hole beside the first mystery box location.
Control Panel #1 in WaW map part in corn maze on right side of road between bus stops 3 & 4.
Wooden Board under the stairs by the work bench at the Power Station.
Control Panel #2 leaning against dumpster beside mystery box location in Town.

Pack-A-Punch Machine is located in the Bank Vault in the Town. Grenades or similar explosives can be used to open the Bank Vault, and Inner Vault Doors. At this point, the players must use Turbines in the Power Station. They must be placed next to the wall directly behind the players when they drop down into the Power Station. This will cause the next part of the Bank to be accessible. This part of the bank contains a table, and the parts required to construct the Pack-A-Punch Machine. The three parts are the top, and bottom of the machine itself, and a battery. Once these three parts are located and the players build the Pack-A-Punch, it may then be used. Weapons from the first Black Ops can only be upgraded once, for 5000. The weapons from Black Ops 2 can be upgraded unlimited times, the first upgrade costs 5000. The second upgrade, and any following upgrade costs 2000, and your weapon is given a random attachment and gains full ammo. Don't forget that if your weapon is left in the Pack-A-Punch for too long, you will lose it.

User Info: Anon330

5 years ago#3
The events of Tranzit take place directly after the events of the Moon Easter Egg. If you've done the Easter Egg on Moon, then you blew up the Earth. This explains why the Zombies have blue eyes, why there is hot lava everywhere on the ground, why everything is destroyed, and why it is so dark in the map. It also explains why Richtofen announces the drops, and not Sam.

Perk locations:
Quick Revive is in the Bus Stop. On solo, this costs 500, In Coop, this costs 1500.
Double Tap is in the Barn. This costs 2000.
Stamin-up and Juggernog are located in Town. Stamin-Up is 2000, Juggernog is 2500.
Speed Cola is in the Diner. This costs 3000.
Tombstone Soda is at the Power Station. This costs 2000.
Tombstone Soda is only available in the multiplayer and split-screen gamemode Tranzit.


What the Perks do:
Quick Revive on solo does what it did in solo zombies in Black Ops. When you go down, you get dual upgraded pistols, it revives you in a few seconds, and you get 3 uses of this perk in solo. In coop, you revive faster.
Double Tap increases firing speed, but you use ammo faster.
Stamin-up makes you move faster.
Juggernog is more health, you survive more hits from Zombies and live longer in lava.
Speed Cola makes you reload faster, it also makes you rebuild barriers faster, and you build things faster.
Tombstone puts a Tombstone where you die, if you get to it in time, you will be able to get the perks and guns that you had when you died back. Unsure about points.

I'm unsure if you can have more than 4 perks at one time.


Some random information:
The Bus appears to be the school bus from Nuketown, except with it's paint chipped off and its damage at certain parts.
If you put the Bus Hatch in the Diner, you cannot use it on the Bus, and vise-versa.
EMP in the power chamber will shut down the power, and you will need 30 seconds before flipping the switch again.
If the players do enough damage to the Bus Driver, he will attempt to kick all the players off the bus, and lock the doors for about 30 seconds.
The Bus will leave faster if players are standing inside it, but it's possible to get overran in the Bus depending on what round you are on.
If a Monkey Bomb is thrown into a lava pit, it will scream.
It is possible to travel almost the entire map by foot. This is in-advised due to the constant spawning and attack from the Denizens, and other zombies.
The Galvaknuckles you can buy on top of the Diner is a one hit kill until round 12, and a two hit kill until round 22.
If you have the Galvaknuckles, and you buy the Bowie Knife, then the Bowie Knife WILL REPLACE the Galvaknuckles. THEY DO NOT WORK TOGETHER!
The Galvaknuckles however, can be used with the Ballistic Knife.
If you kill a burning zombie with the Galvaknuckles, they WILL NOT explode in your face. Instead, the Galvaknuckles will electrocute the Zombie.
The game now has difficulties, as well as Headshot Only mode.
During the loading screen, a distorted version of Earth Angel plays.
Players can save points to the Bank Vault, and save guns in the Fridge in the House on the Farm.
If you die while you having stored points/guns, they'll save to your profile.
The story Easter Egg is called Tower of Babble. It has two parts.
One part can be done by leaving the power deactivated, the other part can be done with the power activated.
If you complete one part of the Easter Egg, it will save to your profile and you won't have to do it again in a new game.
The players spawn with a total of four Zombies already in the Bus Depot.
In Bus Depot Survival, the Turbine cannot be built.
In Farm survival, The Galvaknuckles can be purchased inside a shed for 6000 points.
Barriers in Nacht Der Untoten cannot be repaired.
You can turn the power on and off multiple times.
The Town has no weapons available from walls.

User Info: Anon330

5 years ago#4
Rumor has it that if you get perks with the Turbine while the power isn't activated, if the player with the perk is around someone who has their Turbine placed, apparently, while they're around the Turbine, the perk will have effect. If this is the case, it kinda makes sense to me since perks are only in effect while the power is on, well the Turbine is also a source of power. Unfortunately, I can't confirm this, but I hope that someone can test this out, or know if it is true.

The events of the Nuketown Zombie map take place after the nuke was dropped after a multiplayer game on Nuketown in the first Black Ops. The events of this map also take place during the Easter Egg of Moon. As they advance in the Easter Egg on Moon, the gameplay of the Nuketown Zombies will change. Around round 20, Richtofen will start announcing power-ups in place of Sam, and the Zombies eyes will turn from Yellow to Blue. This is because the Moons Easter Egg is almost nearing completion. When you die on Nuketown Zombies, you will see a missile heading towards the map. This is one of the missiles from the Moon. They say that Nuketown Zombies is a link connecting the past and the future. I would post more information regarding this, but this is not a topic about Nuketown Zombies, however I felt it was relevant to explain how the maps are connected.

I am now going to explain the steps for the Tower Of Babble Achievement. Please note that both ways of completing the achievement require four players, and the first three steps are the same.

At the moment, there is known to be two ways doing this Easter Egg, there is the one way of listening to Dr. Maxis that can be heard only when the power on the map is turned off. This method is shown below. The other way is by listening to Richtofen while the power is turned on, the only character that can hear Richtofen is Samuel. This method follows the first steps in which the NAV Table has to be built as well as the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 which Richtofen makes comments of having to be built after the power is turned on.

Step One: Every player must acquire a Turbine which the pieces required to build the Turbine can be found in the Bus Depot.

Step Two: The Power Station must be accessed by getting off the bus at the fourth stop and opening the door of a shed where a secret entrance can be found which the players will drop down and enter the Power Station.

Step Three: There are three parts to make the switch to turn on the power. One is a circuit panel, another is a zombie arm, and the last is the lever. They are all scattered in this area, but they should not be too hard to find. Collect these parts and assemble a power switch at the blueprint. Then, turn on the power.

Dr. Maxis:

Step Four: After a while, Dr. Maxis will request the power to be turned off. This must be done after he finishes his entire speech. All players must then exit through the area containing the Tombstone Perk.

Step Five: An EMP Grenade must be acquired from the Mystery Box but only one is needed.

Step Six: From the Power Station, the players must travel towards the Farm area to see the cornfield. In the cornfield will be a tall structure referred to as the Obelisk, or Pylon. The cornfield is set up as a maze. Once the players make it trough and reach the foot of the structure, they must place down two Turbines. Dr. Maxis will start talking as the Pylon charges up.

Step Seven: After about four rounds of defending the turbines, an Electrical Zombie will approach. The EMP grenade should be used to kill it when it is underneath the Pylon. The two turbines should now be picked up by two players and each must be taken to the two green lights that have appeared while the remaining two stay at the Pylon. The first one will be at the bank in Town and one near the Diner. The four players should now place each of their Turbines down where they are and the achievement will be unlocked.

Richtofen's path is coming next.

User Info: Anon330

5 years ago#5

Richtofen's Path:

Step Four: After turning on the power, the players needs to assemble the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 (Three of these parts can be retrieved before turning on the power, but the wires cannot be obtained until Dr. Maxis finishes his speech once the power is on).

Step Five: All 4 players need to obtain EMP Grenades from the Mystery Box.

Step Six: Find a table in the corn maze off of farm. You must survive 4 rounds while only laying on this table. After the rounds, kill yourself. The voices will then be heard by all the players after another game is started.

Step Seven: After sufficiently heating up the rock, Richtofen will ask you to power up the Pylon. The players will then need to stay underneath the Pylon killing zombies (may require explosive weapons, this needs to be confirmed) until Richtofen speaks to Samuel again.

Step Eight: After sufficiently filling the pylon, Richtofen will say the pylon has too much power and it needs to be reduced by a factor of 4. At this point, all four players should find a different green light, and get a denizen to create a teleporter at it. All four players must throw their EMP grenades through the teleporters at the exact same moment. If done correctly, the lights should glow with a blue electricity and the achievement should now be unlocked.

Please note that almost all of Richtofen's side of the achievement can be done on round 1 (except for the EMP grenades and zombie slaying under the pylon).

As the game hasn't been out for a week yet, the community has not discovered if there is any more to the Easter Egg after earning the Trophy. If any more is discovered, I will post about it in a reply. If anyone knows any more to this Easter Egg, feel free to contribute.

In the next post, I'm going to explain the rest of the Trophies that can be earned in Zombies.

User Info: Anon330

5 years ago#6
List of Achievements in Zombies for Tranzit. (Tower of Babble excluded):

Don't Fire Untill You See: The player must have all doors opened without being set on fire in TranZit.

The Lights Of Their Eyes: The player must pacify at least 10 zombies with 1 EMP in Green Run.

Undead Man's Party Bus: The player must complete all additions to the bus in 1 game in TranZit.

Dance On My Grave: The player must acquire their Tombstone, in Green Run.
NOTE: This requires the player to buy Tombstone Soda, get killed, then return to the place where they died and get their tombstone.
NOTE: Can not be done solo.

Standard Equipment May Vary: The player must acquire 4 different equippable items in 1 game in TranZit. There are 5 items that can be equipped. The Turbine, The Electric Trap, The Jet Gun, The Zombie Shield, and The Turret.


The Turbine is built from the Mannequin, Model Plane Tail, and Fan, all which are be found in the starting room where players spawn in the Bus Depot.

The Electric Trap is built from three pieces, all which are found in the brick building at the power station. It requires power from a Turbine to operate.

The Jet Gun is built from the Gauge, Motorcycle Handlebar, Wires and the Jet Engine, all of which are found across the entire Green Run map. The Jet Engine is found in the tunnel in between the Bus Station and the Diner. It can spawn in three spots: near the first window on the left, besides a car near the center of the tunnel, between the first window on the right and M16. The Wires can be found in the same room as Tombstone Soda, only after the power comes on and after Maxis finishes talking. The Wires can spawn in one of four spots: On the lower floor after the little bridge, on the lower floor near the collapsed bridge by the tub, near the Tombstone Soda Perk, and on the lower floor in the small room with the window on a tub. The Handbrake is found in Nacht Der Untoten, which is hidden in the Cornfield. It can spawn in one of two spots: Near the lamps, or in one of the cabinets. The Pressure Gauge is found in the shack in the fog between the Power Station and Town. It can spawn in one of two spots: Near the fireplace, or on the bed.

The Zombie Shield is built from the Car Door and the Dolly, both which are found around the Diner. The Car Door is in the garage in one of three spots: On the car, on the table in front of the car, or in the small room in the back against the wall across from the window. The Dolly can be found inside of the Diner, it spawns in one of two spots: Behind the counter on the left or right side, or near a booth at the far end across from the Speed Cola Perk.

The Turret is built from the Lawn Mower, RPD, and Ammo Pouch, all which are found at the Farm. It requires power from a Turbine to operate.


You Have No Power Over Me: The player must defeat the Electrical Zombie without being harmed by it.
NOTE: Other names for the Electrical Zombie are: "him", and "The Avogadro."

I Don't Think They Exist: The player must kill one of the Denizens of the Forest while it is latched onto you, in TranZit.

Fuel Efficient: The player must use an alternative mode of transportation, in TranZit. The player has to find a way to travel the map that isn't a way involving the Bus, or walking. The easiest way to do this is to save a Zombie on round one. Put the Turbine under the Flashing Light Post near the Bus, doing this will cause the Flashing Light to stay on. Next, run backwards towards the Town, grab a Denizen, let him latch on you, and bring him under the Light Post. This will create a Teleporter, stand on it, and then jump on it. You will be teleported to a random location, and the trophy is yours.

Happy Hour: The player must buy 2 different perks before turning on the power, in TranZit. Make a Turbine, and use it on two different perk machines without activating the power.

User Info: Anon330

5 years ago#7

The Bus allows the players to travel through the map. Zombies will break the boarded bus windows to get in, and sprint at the bus whenever all players are on it. The bus is upgradeable, one of the additions features a Plow on the front. Players can also climb on top of the bus to shoot off the zombies that jumps on top, however you will need one of the ladders that can be found lying around TranZit in order to do so. There is also a hatch that the players can put in the Bus to climb from the inside of the Bus, to the top of it.

The Bus is controlled by a robotic AI figure known as T.E.D.D, and spawns outside of the starting location, the Bus Depot. The Bus will not move from the starting location until a player opens and boards it. T.E.D.D. will continue to beep the horn however, until the players board it. After this, the horn is still sounded, but once it has reached a location, it is used to sound an imminent departure. The bus departing is not dependant on the end or beginning of a wave, but rather a timer. It can arrive and depart within a single wave. All players do not need to be on the bus either - some or all can be left behind. The Bus Driver will not stop at all safe locations along the route, only at five large locations (Bus Depot, Diner, Farm, Power Station, Town). It is important to note that there are valuable pieces of equipment and weapons in between the stops, and a player can jump from the bus as it passes one of these for no damage. Players can not sprint inside of the Bus. T.E.D.D. will alert the players to an attack, but aside from that he will not be concerned of the fate of the players. Zombies can attack and get inside the Bus as if it was any other structure. Zombies are slightly faster than the Bus, but spawn slowly (They emerge from the ground). Therefore, a horde of zombies is often seen forming behind the bus, which if left alone will eventually run around the bus and start attacking the windows. The Bus is not very wide, just large enough for two players to pass side by side, but not without issues and is quite long. This presents a multitude of locations for zombies to enter the bus, all the side windows and the front. Additionally, if the ladder upgrade has been installed, then zombies can climb onto the roof and jump inside. If a powerup spawns within the bus, it will stay stationary on the ground but the bus will keep moving, and if it is not grabbed, it will be left behind. Claymores and other equipment can be placed on the floor fine, though they may slide forwards slightly to begin with. Shooting from the rear of the bus presents issues, as the players cannot jump up onto the rear bump, and if one aims too low to the window frame, the bullets will be wasted and not hit any zombies. For this reason, players may find it helpful to cook grenades and throw them towards the incoming horde. The Bus represents the safest way to navigate from location to location, while avoiding the Denizens and other hazards along the way, at the cost of limited manuverability while inside of it and many entrance ways for the zombies.

The Bus has three upgrades, The Plow, Ladder and Bus Hatch. These can be found at 4 locations. All four locations can only be entered through use of a Turbine.
Bus Depot: In the room next of the spawn room
Diner: In the shed
Farm: In the shed
Town: In the "Rare Books" store

The plow can be added to the front of the bus to deflect zombies that would climb in the front windows. The Bus Hatch allows for players to climb out of the bus and onto the roof. The ladder attaches onto the external rear left of the bus. It allows the player to climb to the top of the Bus from the outside.

User Info: Anon330

5 years ago#8

Because T.E.D.D. is faulty, he often mistakes the bus stops for landmark locations that are not within his driving radius, such as Slave Lake, which is located in central Alberta, and the Grand Canyon.

There is one weapon that can be found inside the Bus. That is the B23R . Its outline can be seen on the roof, and you can buy it for 1000 points. As this is the only constant weapon between locations, and is available early, it is recommended that a player utilize this. Its high rate of fire, regular ammo availability and considerable damage (it retains a one-burst kill until wave 5, and can kill a zombie with a headshot until Wave 10.) make it a desirable weapon. Beyond this weapon, however, the players are confined to whatever weapons they entered the bus with. The Max Ammo powerup can still spawn from zombies killed in the bus, but will not stay within the bus, so it is important to grab it, as it represents the only way to gain ammo for any other weapon while on the bus.

There are several locations in TranZit that are not Bus stops, but are also unaffected by the fog allowing you to move around without being attacked by the Denizen of the Forests. They are located at:

Between the Bus Depot and the Diner there is a Tunnel. Located here is a M16A2 Assult Rifle, and the Jet Turbine, the first piece of the Jet Gun.

Between the Farm and the Power Station there is a Corn Field. Following the Bus route you will see a light post that flashes on and off at the right hand side of the road marking an entrance leading into the Corn Field. Follow the path into the field and you will see a broken down car and shortly after that there is a path going to the right leading farther into the cornfield, it is easy to miss. Here, you will find the the original Zombie map, Nacht Der Untoten. However, you cannot access the upper level or the "HELP" room. Also, you can not repair barriers. And, The Kar98k, M1A1 Carbine, and Mule Kick are also absent from the map. There is a piece of the Jet Gun located here and sometimes you can find the radio used to build the navigation table here as well.

Between the Power Station and the Town you can find the house from Evil Dead. Looking out the right side of the Bus you will see several small fires burning in the distance marking this location. Inside the house, you will find the Bowe Knife which you can buy for 3000 points, and a Pressure Guage, one of the parts of the Jet Gun. NOTE: If you buy the Bowie Knife while you have the Galvaknuckles, the Bowie Knife will replace the Galvaknuckles. The Galvaknuckles is more expensive, and more powerful than the Bowie Knife.

Between the Farm and the Power Plant there is a Corn Field. Following the bus route you will see several pathways leading into the Corn Field on your left. They form interconnecting pathways one of which leads to a small opening under a high voltage power line tower. This is where you build the Navigation Table for the Tower of Babble easter egg.

T.E.D.D. can be harassed which can cause the player to have their door opening privileges revoked and eventually kick all players off the Bus for 30 seconds.

Grief Mode:

Grief mode, also referred to as 4z4 and Last Man Standing, is a playable mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops II's Zombie mode where matches of two to eight players in various team-sizes try to outlast each other in the zombie outbreak. The teams cannot directly harm one another but they can still hinder each other by blocking the enemy team's way or luring zombies towards them. Collected power-ups only reward the team that picks them up. Knifing an enemy player pushes them and slightly delays revive time as well as stunning them. Occasionally, a power-up will drop and, when thrown at another player, will attract the horde of zombies to them. Theoretically, this can be used to have a bigger lobby of teammates, but the teams will still only be able to get perks for their technical team.

User Info: Anon330

5 years ago#9
Survival Mode:

Survival is the name of the Classic Zombie's mode. It is one of three modes involving Zombies, along with TranZit and Grief. The objective of Survival is to survive limitless waves of the undead. So far Bus Stop, Diner, Farm, Power Station, City and Nuketown Zombies have been shown to be Survival Zombie maps

Using The Bus Hatch To Get On Top of The Diner:

When you arrive at the Diner you will need to open the door the the actual Diner room that contains the Speed Cola. After you open this door and enter this room you should head back to the back left corner of the Diner and look up. You should see a hatch in the roof of the Diner. It is possible to climb up through this hatch to get on the roof of the Diner, but before you can climb up you must open it. You will need a part in order to be able to open the hatch to the Diner and climb up to the top. It just so happens that the part you need to climb to the roof of the Diner is also a part to the Bus, which is the Bus Hatch. You will need to use the Bus Hatch part in the Diner in order to be able to get on the roof of the Diner. You can only use the Bus Hatch part one time, so you must make a decision to either put it on the Bus or to put it on the Diner. After you use the Bus Hatch part, you cannot use it again. In order to find the Bus Hatch part which can be used to get on the roof of the Diner in Tranzit, you must navigate around the map and look in the locations where you can find parts to the Bus. If you don't know the locations where the parts can spawn, I have posted them in a previous post. The Bus Hatch may spawn in a variety of place in the map. It it important to remember that if you decide to use the Bus Hatch to get on the roof of the diner you will not be able to use this part on the Bus. There is not much of an advantage to getting to the top of the Diner besides to buy the Galvaknuckles for 6000 points. It seems that zombies will jump on the roof of the diner and attack from all directions. It is not recommended to spend much time camping on the roof of the Diner.

Some more random information:

The playable characters in TranZit are Abigail "Misty" Briarton, Marlton Johnson, Samuel Stuhlinger, and Russman.

A Fridge that is located in the House on the Farm allows you to store weapons and collect them later. The storage persists through subsequent playthroughs, but only one weapon per player can be stored.

Deposit boxes in the Bank safe (accessible by using the Ray Gun or explosives to open the safe door) also allow you to deposit and withdraw points for a price. The points remain for future games and will accumulate through deposits from multiple games.

When the player enters the thick fog, Denizens of the Forest will appear, attacking the player by jumping on them. It takes 5 knifes to knock them off, and 2 Galvaknuckle hits to knock them off.

After turning on the power you will see that several light posts now have green lights, stand under them with a Denizen on you, and a teleporter will appear under the lamp post, stand on it, and then hop on it and you will be transported to a random location on the map.

A musical easter egg is activated much like the previous songs; finding and hitting the action button on three Teddy Bears around the map. The songs played are "Carrion" By Kevin Sherwood , "Imma Try It Out" By Skrillex or "Carry On" By Avenged Sevenfold depending on which character is being used and/or the order in which the Teddy Bears are activated.

The first one is outside the starting room in near the wooden bench.
The second can be found in the Farmhouse on the ground upstairs.
The third one can be found on the table in the bar close to Stamin-Up in the Town.

The next post will list the weapons and the price that you can buy off the wall, as well a weapons you can get from the Mystery Box, and the locations the Mystery Box will spawn at when you get the Teddy Bear.

User Info: Anon330

5 years ago#10
The location and price of weapons you can buy off the wall:

In the Bus Depot, you can buy the Olympia for 500, ammo for this costs 250 points.
In the Bus Depot, you can buy the M14 for 500, ammo for this costs 250 points.
On the Bus, you can buy the B23R for 1000 points, ammo for this costs 500 points.
In the Tunnel, you can buy the M16A1 for 1200 points, ammo for this costs 600 points.
In the Diner, you can buy the MP5 for 1000 points, ammo for this costs 500 points.
On top of the Diner, you can buy the Galvaknuckles for 6000 points.
In the Barn, you can buy the R870 MCS for 1500 points, ammo for this costs 750 points.
In the House, you can buy Claymores for 1000 points. You can not rebuy this, or buy ammo for Claymores.
On the side of the door of the Power Station, you can buy the AK74u for 1200 points, ammo for this costs 600 points.
In the Cabin, you can buy the Bowie Knife for 3000 points.
In the Burning Building in Town, you can buy Semtex for 250 points.

List of what you can get out of the Mystery Box, costs 950 points per roll:

Ballistic Knife
Barret M82A1
Chicom CQB
DSR 50
Five-seven Dual Wield
Monkey Bombs
Ray Gun
Teddy Bear
Type 25
War Machine
EMP Grenades

Note: I am unsure if all of these are able to be gotten in TranZit.

Mystery Box Locations!:
The Garage next to the Diner is the first, and starting location of the Mystery Box.
The House on the Farm is a possible location of the Mystery Box, which you can find on the second floor.
In Town, The Mystery Box will also make an appearance here, it has two possible locations. One possible location is upstairs in the bar, and the other is in a small alley off the main street.

EMP Grenades effecting the bus!:

If you thrown a EMP Grenade at the bus, the bus will shut down, and stay in the current location longer. Also, while you’re in bus and you throw a EMP the bus shuts down AND zombies outside also shutdown. It is like the game thinks you’re dead. The zombies are not retroactive (as in) they don’t auto start back up. It is like they give you a 5-10 second extra head start.
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