Can you level up offline?

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  3. Can you level up offline?

User Info: drewpwnsyou

5 years ago#1
I thought in previous CoD games you could but its been a while since Ive played the series. Seeing as how it allows 4 player splitscreen and bots I am hoping there is a way but from the little Ive played it seems everything is unlocked which takes the fun out of it. Any feedback?

User Info: Gamerguy92

5 years ago#2
Most likely not.
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User Info: 60yoc

5 years ago#3
You can up level in the online menus training. But only to level 10 and you have everything available already anyways
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User Info: Damascus85

5 years ago#4
If by offline you mean "local," then no. I know in MW2 you could level up in local matches separately from online, but I don't recall such a feature in any others.
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  3. Can you level up offline?

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