Black Ops 2: Best Ending (Spoilers)

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User Info: Nexus_72

4 years ago#1

Basically, if you've already played the game, you should know that there are several endings to it. If you're too lazy to look up the steps and processes, then I will list them here. Please note, that this guide will have spoilers, so make sure you complete the game before reading this.

Campaign Missions

Pyrrhic Victory: Rescue Woods
Celerium: Recover "Worm"
Old Wounds: Interrogate Kravchenko (Resist Shooting Him)
Time and Fate: Find "CIA Memos"
Fallen Angel: Gather Intel (3 Parts) and Protect Harper
Karma: Kill DeFalco and Rescue Karma
Suffer with Me: Shoot Mason in the Legs (Twice)
Achilles' Veil: Kill Harper. Farid Survives
Odysseus: Save Briggs and Defend the Ship
Cordis Die: Protect the President
Judgement Day: Capture Menendez

Strike Force Missions

Shipwreck: Freighter Destroyed
I.E.D: Afghan President Saved
FOB Spectre: India Protected
Dispatch: Assassinate Tian Zhao

Miscellaneous Strike Force Mission

If DeFalco escapes in "Karma," this mission will trigger after the initial story mission. This gives you a chance to rescue Karma.

Second Chance: Rescue Karma


Menendez is captured by David and escorted away (Brief Dialogue). Frank Woods is confronted by Alex Mason in his home ("The Vault"). Karma, in a cutscene, is the only one able to defeat the Celerium Virus. David goes to see Frank, and enters the room to see Frank and Mason, who he does not recognize as his father. Frank introduces them as "Al," and "Dave," then tells David that "Al," is his father (Dialogue). Flashbacks occur, more dialogue. Karma is seen on an interview that Menendez happens to be watching. Menendez then proceeds to hit his head against the television in frustration. Game then ends.

Video Walkthrough
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