1 week in - What do you think needs patching?

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User Info: ross_gumbrell

5 years ago#1
From the top of my head:

Blackhat PDA - care package theft needs to be addressed.
B23R - Just way OP and probably the secondary of choice for most players.
MSMC + PDW-57 - Easily the most predominant weapons in the game
Sniping - Increase ADS a little bit as quickscoping still a bit of a problem
Dropshotting - Not a balance issue, but just breaks the 'feel' of the game when everyone jumps to the ground while shooting, looks stupid
Ghost - crawl walking should keep you off the map

Obviously these are my opinions and i respect everybody has different views on each matter.

User Info: TheBlueDeath

5 years ago#2
Agreed on the theft.

B23R is fine.

MSMC and PDW are fine.

Sniping is fine.

Dropshooting is laughable.

Ghost is fine.

Your "patch notes" are terrible.
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

5 years ago#3
Haven't been getting credit toward emblems and playercards for trophies-- at least not every time.
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User Info: ross_gumbrell

5 years ago#4
Fair enough you dont agree with my opinions but you didnt contribute what you think should be patched other than the black hat.

User Info: CharityDiary

5 years ago#5
-The sniping ADS time needs to be DECREASED dramatically. If I see someone come around a corner while I'm holding a sniper rifle, I either have to quick-scope them or die. There's no way I'm going to be able to actually aim at them before they kill me, as it takes a full two seconds or so to pull up my scope.

-Care package theft really does need a fix...

-Dropshotting isn't really a problem anymore since you go prone so slowly.

-The point of Ghost is that you're only a "ghost" while you're moving. This game is anti-camping to an extreme level. You have Ghost, the millimeter scanner, and the Engineer perk (off the top of my head) that discourage camping. You also have like 5 entrances into every room. I'm not saying it was the best idea to make the game like this, but that's the way it is.

User Info: dueric

5 years ago#6
Until they fix the lag there really is no way to determine what else might need fixing.

Right now, everything in the game is OP and everything I use is UP.

I'm not even joking.
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User Info: Overd0s

5 years ago#7
the matchmaking search system needs to be fixed

takes way too long to find a match and for some reason today i was playing split screen with a friend and every game we got into it would get ready to start, but then restart countdown b/c teams were unbalanced. It kept doing this non-stop
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User Info: faxmachne

5 years ago#8
LAG Compensation

Picking the right host


That is all
Thanks to the guy who blabbed on my old one

User Info: Lealgamer

5 years ago#9
I think the development team needs patching....
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User Info: Maverickneo

5 years ago#10
Lag, lag, lag, lag.
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