1 week in - What do you think needs patching?

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User Info: ross_gumbrell

5 years ago#31
Haelion_ posted...
-Lag needs to be fixed. The reason it is occurring isn't really relevant. There's no good reason why it should only be happening this badly on MW3 and BO2. Obviously there's some way to get around it or other games, shooters in particular, would have it this bad as well.

-I think shotguns need a bit of a range increase. Even with a long barrel the 870's range OHKO range isn't very good. The KSG's range could also use a bit of improvement as well. You end up needing two hits way too often with both weapons even at short range and with well placed ADS shots.

-Tac-45 needs a tiny bit more range. It seems it's supposed to be more effective than the five-seven at close range but the range drops off so quickly that it just seems inferior at all but point blank range.

-I really wish they'd tone down the aim assist on sniper rifles. Maybe if you got the full benefit of aim assist after scoping in for a full second or something. The fact that an entire playstyle revolves around using the aim assist as much as possible in order to avoid actually having to aim your weapon is sort of silly. Snipers are good enough in this game that you should be able to scope from long range and use pistols in tight areas and do just fine.

-Hard-wired should mitigate shock charge effect and allow black hats to hack killstreaks instantly. Because why not?

-Black hats shouldn't be able to be used on team care packages if the teammate who called it is within around 10 meters of it.

-Some challenges aren't working properly. There's one to destroy a tac insertion that definitely isn't triggering. I believe there are a few more.

-Death machine should give 50-75 score a kill at least. I know it would be different than others, but the thing is really not very good and limits your score to 25 a kill instead of 100. If not for the Decimated medal giving 100 score per kill with it after the match it wouldn't even be worth using. If it stays at 25, it needs a buff. Maybe to a 2 hit kill at any range. At this point it's inferior to a SMG.

-I really think aim assist just should not trigger if you hold down RB with a tomahawk in your hand. It does more harm than good.

That's my opinion, I'm sure everyone will differ on them.

I actually agree with all points there apart from:

Hard wired/black hat - instant scorestreak hack - would be infuriating considering its fairly difficult to get score streaks in this. deffo mitigate shock charges to hardwired though, its borderline useless currently.

Death/war machine - 50 points for sure, not 75 though

Shotguns - personally i think they nailed it with this one. its all about picking your areas and targets with the shotgun, close range and you decimate anything around you.

User Info: GameGuy777

5 years ago#32
Don't see why people are complaining about the blackhat. It's still a slower capture on the care package than when the owner grabs it, so unless they're being idiots you won't get the chance to steal. And if they're far enough away that it's possible for someone else to get it, better a teammate than the enemy.

I believe they need to patch the:

-Sound. I hear nothing, even through my Astros...
-Betties. So easy to kill people. Who would bother running claymores?
-Lag. It seems like 4 out of 10 times I lose a gunfight it's because they're bullets are registering faster. In kills where I know I got three shots off from my auto-FAL the kill cam doesn't even show me raising my damn gun.
-The executioner. Needs a buff. Shotgun pistols are fun as hell, but not when they're worse than both classes combined.
-Scavenger needs buffed. Don't know why the f*** they nerfed it in the first place. It should be anyone who wasn't killed by explosives is up for grabs, not just the people you kill.

User Info: therickmu25

5 years ago#33
Lag Compensation
Footstep sounds
Nuketown back into the rotation
Some shotguns are unusable still.

User Info: Ivany2008

5 years ago#34
Couple things

First off spawn points need to be adjusted, along with giving you a 1 to 2 second immunity upon spawning just so you don't instant die to stupid things like hunter killers or mass lightning and whatnot

Care packages need to be fixed. A couple times now I would throw a care package only for it to bounce off the map

Invisible items / players. Now and then I've encountered things like a bouncing Betty near a flag when I was looking at that flag spot for a minute or so and there was no Betty there, or a player shows up in a room that was completely empty, after I turn my back, it shows me looking directly at them before I turn around and get killed

Bring in all or nothing from mw3

Also add more bloody small maps. Playing free for all on a big level like cargo or plaza annoys the hell out of me
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User Info: darkshadowmaster

5 years ago#35
The lag needs fixed (as much as you can actually *fix* it)

Being in laggy games it's difficult to really tell what actually needs buffed/nerfed since you can't do anything anyway.
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User Info: matthewMASSACRE

5 years ago#36
dueric posted...
Until they fix the lag there really is no way to determine what else might need fixing.

Right now, everything in the game is OP and everything I use is UP.

I'm not even joking.

StarCraft logic but I agree.

User Info: Callista08

5 years ago#37
Dragonfire needs to be de-glitched. I'm tired of getting them and unable to use in any location.
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User Info: xDeadrebornx

5 years ago#38
ross_gumbrell posted...
From the top of my head:

Blackhat PDA - care package theft needs to be addressed.
B23R - Just way OP and probably the secondary of choice for most players.
MSMC + PDW-57 - Easily the most predominant weapons in the game
Sniping - Increase ADS a little bit as quickscoping still a bit of a problem
Dropshotting - Not a balance issue, but just breaks the 'feel' of the game when everyone jumps to the ground while shooting, looks stupid
Ghost - crawl walking should keep you off the map

Obviously these are my opinions and i respect everybody has different views on each matter.

Ghost is fine the way it is.
Dropshot gives more points so they made it that way.
The rest IMO i dont mind cause i use the black hat... :-)
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User Info: Gunther482

5 years ago#39
The spawns do need adjusting, because as it stands now Hijacked is damn near unplayable with the current spawn set-up.

User Info: MPFizzle

5 years ago#40
dueric posted...
Until they fix the lag there really is no way to determine what else might need fixing.

Right now, everything in the game is OP and everything I use is UP.

I'm not even joking.

Ha, agreed.
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