Shotguns will never be decent again, they reached its peak in MW2 / rant

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User Info: Nidtendofreak

5 years ago#61
Cosmic_Coyote posted...
ITT: People who never played MW2 so they have no comparison point

Over 28 days of in game time in MW2's MP here. Got the Mastery titles/500 Kills titles on every weapon but the Javelin.

Shotguns should never be secondaries again. Ever. For any reason. You're simply bad with them.

The SPAS-12 in MW2 was borderline broken. It was one of the weapons I earned the silver skull title for. Only the facts it had a whooping one attachment that benefited it in any way and it's slow fire rate kept it from being broken. The Striker was overshadowed by the SPAS-12 but was still amazing. The AA-12 and Rangers were beastly CQC weapons and very easy to use as primaries if you had even elementary knowledge of the maps. They just destroyed SMGs once in range. The M1014 was for a long time my favorite shotgun, being a bridge between the SPAS-12 and the Striker. The 1887s Akimbo WERE broken and were patched accordingly. A hair too much, but certainly needed.

BO1? SPAS-12 in that game is one of the best shotguns in the CoD series. Zero penalty for a silencer (something that has NEVER happened again), good range, nice fire rate, good pellet strength? I'll take it gladly. Stakeout was a very usable shotgun. Olympia was meh but technically the best at OSKs if you could get past the hit detection in BO1. Only the HS-10 was truly bad, but even then it was technically the best at CQC out of the shotguns when akimbo, and could certainly beat SMGs in that range.

MW3? AA-12 was a big dud. Striker was taking directly from MW2 with more stuff added so it was still amazing. USAS-12 post-patch was nearly as good as the Striker, with some considering it to be better, and had the highest possible damage in one shot thanks to its 9 pellets. KSG-12 was very usable if you used it like you use the KSG-12 in BO2, particularly with Range. SPAS-12 was certainly inconsistent, and the 1887 was lackluster. Still, 1/2 of the shotguns in that class were great, and all managed to play differently.

BO2? KSG-12 is one of my favorite shotguns in the series. I can't wait until I get the Quickdraw Handle on it and the lag is fixed up a bit in the game. The range with the Long Barrel is just insane. The first shotgun is also very good, very consistent and a blast to use. Haven't tried the other two yet, though I suspect the last one will be a marginally better MW3 AA-12. We still have at a minimum, 50% success rate in making good shotgun primaries.

Only in MW1 were shotguns across the board bad...but there were only two to start with. And the M1014 was still usable. If I had to rank the top 10 shotguns, it would probably be:

0) Pre-Patched MW2 Akimbo 1887s
1) MW2 SPAS-12
2) MW3 Striker/MW2 Striker (MW2 is technically below MW3 due to no proficiencies, but they are otherwise identical)
3) MW3 USAS-12
4) BO2 KSG-12
5) MW2 M1014
6) BO1 SPAS-12
7) BO2's First Shotgun
8) BO1 Stakeout
9) MW2 AA-12
10) MW3 KSG-12

Line breaks to divide their "tiers" up.

MW2 has the most shotguns on that list, but it also has the largest number of shotguns available. And most importantly, I would take any of those as primaries happily. On almost any map. It would have to be a big, open map like Derail before the bottom 4 on that list make me rethink using them as my primary. But the top 6? Don't care which map, give me one of those. I'm not just talking either, I take the KSG-12 with me in Turbine and do amazing there, getting 2.0 K/Ds in KC. And I'm still struggling to figure out all of the maps, Turbine included.

The tl;dr version: get better, grow up. Shotguns are primaries like they deserve to be. End of discussion.
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User Info: aDomination

5 years ago#62
The undermounted shotgun in MW2 was basically a sniper rifle.
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User Info: therickmu25

5 years ago#63
Yea shotguns in Black Ops stunk...

User Info: GandalfTehGray

5 years ago#64
FeelMyBlade posted...
Shotguns shouldn't be secondary.
Cod4 didn't have a problem with it.

And there was hardly any reason to use them, was never a situation where the shotgun was better than a mp 5/ak74. And I have the shotgun gold so don't say I didn't use them.

If they will be primaries I want USAS with damage one shot kill capabilities or nearly spas 12 range from mw2. I loved the model from mw3 but it was infuriatingly inconsistent
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User Info: shagadelic

5 years ago#65
MK_God posted...
Remember the Model 1887 days in MW2 before they got nerfed? Good times..good times.

They should bring those back for "special occasions" when they re-open Nuketown.

That and the "suicide bomber" glitch as well.

User Info: DOSF

5 years ago#66
jamejame posted...
You pretty much invalidated your entire post when you claimed the Olympia is the only semi-useable shotgun in Blops. The Spas and HS10 say hi.


Plus the Stakeout says hi also. Oh wait, isn't that every Shotgun in Black Ops being usable?

The pump action shotties in this game are very usable. Another unneeded topic of someone crying about Shotguns because the user is bad.
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User Info: igashijin

5 years ago#67
Hitmarkers are the problem because you don't aim.

First off, in MW3 I was consistently able to slay people with the model, KSG, and USAS on just about any map. Seriously, play smart. Stop charging around like a fool on ADHD meds.

In W@W, the double barrel was brutal. Heck, the trench gun was brutal.

MW2 made shotguns a little ridiculous.

BLOPS 2 shotguns are, in my option, one of the better balanced classes in the game. The fully automatic shotguns are nowhere near as cheap as the striker from MW3; the last one you unlock cycling every four chambers and having lower range, the semi-auto being just generally weak. The 870 is a brutal, brutal gun capable of OHKs at a very respectable range, and the KSG is absolutely ridiculous-- I pulled a OHK headshot from about fifty meters the other day. I can seriously not think of a single way in BLOPS 2 where shotguns fail to be "decent." Honestly, I feel they're better than the subs in this game, which currently dominate all game types.
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User Info: Etherstream

5 years ago#68
imo MW2 SPAS was the best SG, from someone whom main played Headquarters.

AA-12 was good, but killed typically 3 people before you are overran due to reload or overshots due to lag.

SPAS was 1HKO close and was just a machine, theres never been another SG that can even compare to it.

and LOL at original post about SMGs are 1HKO at close... I think the strongest takes 4? and most take 5?

SG beats SMG in BO2 at very close range. Learn to aim better maybe?
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User Info: AuRoN_iZ_SiCk

5 years ago#69
Shotguns are for scrubs

User Info: igashijin

5 years ago#70
Cosmic_Coyote posted...
PharoahPelican posted...
What are you doing even trying to use a shotgun at long ranges? Your problem is not knowing how to shotgun properly, not them putting them back as primaries. Also, if you want a shotgun as a secondary, use a shotgun as a secondary.

Because I can´t teleport around the map, so i need to get my head out of cover and "Run" (if we can call it as that with "Extreme condition" that allow you to run like 2 fts before you are tired) till we find an enemy within our shooting range.

You can´t sneak or flank because there is always UAV spam and people knows where are you coming from so they can easily snipe you or kill you with any other long range weapon.

Is that really hard to understand?

-No sneaking (UAV spam)
-No Ghost (because it´s unlocked very late)
-No MW2 Marathon Pro (infinite as it should be)
-Short Range Only
-Hitmarkers at close range


-People who can be effective at all ranges
-People who always knows where are you coming from thanks to UAV (inb4shoottheUAVwiththeshotgun)
-People who will outgun you at CQC with a SMG or Quick Scope

-You can still be effective at all ranges. Make better classes.

-Ghost does still kill the UAV problem when you're running about. Unlock it on your prestige if the level at which it's unlocked is too much for you.

-I want you to take a fully loaded Remington, three grenades, a knife, a Smaw (because judging by your whining, you probably use it), and forty shells and sprint for two miles. Go ahead. I'll wait.

-AIM! For all that is good in the world; stop blaming your terrible, terrible accuracy on a design flaw. I have a 48% accuracy with the Remington 870 (over 1000 kills) and 9/10 of those hits are OHKs-- 6/10 are at ranges in excess of 12 meters. ADS, point your gun at your target, and win.
If you try to hipfire people from 20 meters with an unmodified r870, you're not going to do so hot. Learn to use shotguns, seriously.

I know this post is meant as a lament for the days of MW2 shotties as--let's be honest, very poorly-balanced--secondaries, but as people call you out on your nonsense, you become more and more ridiculous. You are slowly becoming your own satire.
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