Why do MW3 and BO2 have the worst maps in series history?

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User Info: Lockon

5 years ago#31
I liked the Black Ops 1 Maps. MW3 and Blops 2 has the crappiest map designs every. Especially Blops 2...TO MUCH DAMN COVER ALL EVER ONE DOES IS HEADGLITCH.
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User Info: KarnRX78

5 years ago#32
For me the main problem with the BO2 maps is the head glitching spots. Every long line of sight has multiple places to do it. I think the size on most of them is fine, its just all those little annoying spots. If it wasn't for that, I'd really love these maps.

I can't remember the name of that one CoD4 map. It had that one bombed out building at the one end, then the one sniper building at the other. Then a couple buildings on each side. That had a huge line of sight, but it wasn't a head glitchers paradise.


5 years ago#33
devastatorX2 posted...
Boring map designs
bad spawn points
maps too small and congested.

I like being able to go hunt for the enemy. In BO2 its way more of a twitch reflex shooter than ever before.

I like the maps.

Also more like reflex and skill shooter. Less ads door camping nerds.
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User Info: Afghan_Whig777

5 years ago#34
MW2 had HORRIBLE maps. Does everyone remember Estate?

Shotgun fest in the house. Campers watching the stairs and setting unlimited claymores down. Snipers everywhere else

Rundown=one team having SERIOUS issues not being spawn killed thanks to only having two days to get on the other side

Derailed. Ugh. I knew very few who liked this map

Downpour was awful. Fog was a horrible idea

That one map that was 100% open except the little bunker in the middle

MW2 didn't have all bad maps, but the bad maps were top tier bad in the series
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User Info: DragonisLeonhart

5 years ago#35
...Am I the only one who actually enjoyed Wasteland?
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User Info: TheRedDash

5 years ago#36
Truthfully I really liked the BO maps for some reason. They were big enough to actually survive for a good amount of time. Running around non stop in ffa In BO was a normal thing without having to worry about all these corners and back alley ways that the mw3 and bo2 maps have.

The maps are so congested in this game that it Is impossible to just survive without camping like a fool. Their is always someone go will see you due to just strolling around or spawning Infront of you. I miss the black ops spawns.
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User Info: MG42_CHEF

5 years ago#37
Really, MW2 only had a few bad maps Derail and Estate. Derail was too big, they could have easily cut out the entire side sections of the map and no one would miss them, then make a more intricate wreckage to give more cover.

Estate's biggest flaw was the verticality combined with the tower defense that is the estate building. Afghan was hardly bad at all, the only problem came when someone got the PERFECT CG sequence where they were spawn trapped back of the bunker.

Wasteland was a sniper fest and could have been cut down easily.

MW3 I actually really liked Downturn. It actually was well designed and suited a flanking playstyle. It also didn't allow KS dominance like many other maps.

So far, what is killing BO2 is the tight quarters of all maps combined with significant lag makes most SMG users impossible to stop at times. Carrier the most hated map so far is one of the few maps where SMG users are at a severe disadvantage which is one of the reason I like it.

Wait, maybe I am just weird...damn.
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User Info: DragonisLeonhart

5 years ago#38
Btw, Terminal is and always will be one of the worst maps in all of CoD. "Hay guyz, letz hold da bakk o' da airport!!!" If you started the game at the back of the airport with a halfway competent team, it was almost an auto-win.
Immortality isn't a gift. It's a responsibility.

User Info: KuyaJS

5 years ago#39
BO2 = Head-glitch heaven
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User Info: Zero IX

Zero IX
5 years ago#40
MW2's maps had, overall, the most variety in terms of sight lines and engagement ranges, but the original Black Ops had the best maps for actual gun-on-gun. The flow of BO's maps was predictable due to medium sizes and spawn point placement was spot-on, which made them ideal for shootouts on relatively equal footing, i.e. both players expecting an encounter.

MW3's map designers seem to have been going for smaller, "hotter" areas, which led them to throw in more clutter (read: cars) and blind corners. BO2 has followed this trend, but if you ask me, BO2 does it much better with more emphasis on tight corridors, varied designs, and verticality.

Never played WaW and don't really remember the original MW's maps.
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