Will you be cautious before buying the next CoD?

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  3. Will you be cautious before buying the next CoD?

User Info: SinIce

5 years ago#31
<---- is still playing MW2... come get some

User Info: TimmyTheBadfish

5 years ago#32
"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world to buy the same game 8 years in a row."
- Verbal Kint
Legalize it.
Are you a badfish too?

User Info: yedi

5 years ago#33
Considering I haven't paid for a copy of COD since MW2(Blops1 was a gift), and I'm playing my roommates copy of Blops2, I'm pretty sure I'll have no problem in being cautious buying any COD game.


I really miss MW2. :(
And BF:Bad Company 2...

Man, what the hell happened to our military shooters, I thought they were supposed to get better, not... whatever the hell BLOPs2/MW3/Battlefield 3 turned into :\
XBL: rune yedi WII:7327 0713 1219 5379 PS3: yedi

User Info: DOSF

5 years ago#34
Styrof0am posted...
I actually think BO2 is one of the best CODs so far. Gunplay is in focus, every match isn't littered in scorestreaks and the 10 point system is genius. Turn the LC down to MW2 levels, and you got a winner

I have no idea what LC stands for, but I agree with this.

The only thing I have against this installment is the iffy connection issues, but that only seems to be a problem at a certain time of day (daylight hours in the UK).

But to answer the original question: yes, I will be cautious, I will be renting. I was supposed to rent this before getting it, but the missus surprised me. :/
"I'M HERE TO SAVE YOU! Right after I get done rubbing my arse against this wall." - Arctic_Sunrise

User Info: theLongR0D

5 years ago#35
Soul_On_Display posted...
BO2 with its chaotic combat making things unfun most of the time

So having a match timeout because everyone is camping would be more to your liking?

User Info: greatersphere

5 years ago#36
Rlly cautious, so cautious that i stopped buying these games already after MW2.

User Info: mrshowtime333

5 years ago#37
Im waiting for the next good multiplayer game. COD has officially diluted itself into just nonsense. Awful uninspired maps. Instakills. Whatever slight bit of skill it used to take to win is now gone. They narrowed the talent gap but made the game unplayable by doing so. MW2 was the beginning of the end. Killstreaks have just gotten worse from that point. Maps have just gotten worse. Gunplay has just gotten worse.

The game is very contrived now. I have only 5 hours into this edition and I already dont want to play anymore. By far the quickest I have quit a COD.

Now im just waiting for the next good online game that it as smooth as COD with as good of controls.

User Info: derillion

5 years ago#38
I won't be buying the next one. IW is terrible and should feel bad about themselves. Now the one after that I'll definitely be picking up.
GT: derillionz

User Info: theballer_04

5 years ago#39
Nope, haven't bought a CoD since CoD 4. Activision isn't going to make me a sucker.

User Info: 2006_

5 years ago#40
theballer_04 posted...
Nope, haven't bought a CoD since CoD 4. Activision isn't going to make me a sucker.

Why the hell does your profile say that you own BO2 then?
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  3. Will you be cautious before buying the next CoD?

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