Will you be cautious before buying the next CoD?

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  3. Will you be cautious before buying the next CoD?

User Info: garcia_jx

5 years ago#71
COD is like steroids. The adrenaline makes you feel good. Then you rage while playing. Then you go play Halo. But the rush you get from Halo is not the same as the COD steroid. So you go back to COD. Your adrenaline goes up again. Then you rage again. The cycle continues.

User Info: yedi

5 years ago#72
NinjaDeath911 posted...
yedi posted...
flame030191 posted...
Not as cautious as this one, seeing as how competent developers are making it next year.

If you honestly think the new Infinity Ward are the same guys who gave us MW2 and CoD4... Yeah... The sign on the door says "Infinity Ward", but that doesn't change the fact that Infinity Ward died in 2010 and it's just a rag-tag group of people who don't know what they're doing slapped with the IW label in a vain attempt to cover up their underhaned garbage.

It'll be MW3.1, at best. You'd be more likely to see a quality shooter out of the Madden guys over at EA than "Infinity Ward" at this point.

All Treyarch had to do was update BLOPs1 and not screw it up with all the hokum from MW3, and they couldn't even do THAT...

You act like MW2 was not a huge slap in the face to COD4 fans that disregarded WaW to continue supporting COD4

And people continue to act like the guys making MW4 aren't the same batch who slapped together the **** pile that was MW3. This just in: Almost everyone who made CoD good are gone. IW is a shell, a shell that Activision stuffed full of people pulled from other unrelated teams and projects to fill the gaps that tore open when they decided to not pay their employees and treated them like detainees in a police state.

Personally, I enjoyed MW2. Yes, it had it's problems, which could have been worked out if everyone didn't leave the company, but despite that MW2 was still far better than every COD game since. Now we have Treyarch, with no one to rip good ideas off of, and the "go to" team that isn't actually the team everyone seems to think they are. Even so, Treyarch still took their ideas(lag comp so aggressive it practically comes to your house to punch you in the face when you play the game and cluster ****ed maps half the size they should be that no one likes) and ran BLOPs 2 into the ground.

MW4 will be a train wreck. If it's not, I'll gladly offer kudos to the new kids for putting on their big boy pants and pulling through, but I somehow highly doubt it'll happen.
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User Info: HeartlessCharms

5 years ago#73
Mr_Popel posted...
As far as Treyarch is concerned ... i'll wait for a WaW2 ... WaW was actually pretty cool (well it's hacked to death now) ... and it had some truly amazing maps imo. And it had an intense campaign that was actually challenging on veteran.

You do know that BO and BO2 are WaW's sequels right?
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User Info: TightNinja

5 years ago#74
Very cautious.

I was going to be cautious after MW3, but it was treyarch and they made WaW and BO. I figured there wasn't any possible way they could make a bad game.

Boy was I wrong.

GOD PWNS ALL!!!!!!!!
Today's FPS gamer - If it kills me it must be overpowered so I will whine until the developer removes it!!! i.e Black Ops

User Info: patgd04

5 years ago#75
going to wait at least 2 weeks for some of the bugs be worked out before thinking of buying
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User Info: GrimmTrixX

5 years ago#76
Un fun...? I'm having more fun with BO2 than I ever did with mw3. All I don't like is how challenges ar setup. I loved MW2s setup for challenges. They were concise and easy to see. But otherwis this game lays so much better than an cod game before it. And I ONLY liked MW2. BO1 was alrght but didn't amaze me. I like my fps games to be more hectic and in a game about war that's how it should be. Plus I love running around with combat knife, 2 combat axes, and just killin people left and right. Fun times.
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  3. Will you be cautious before buying the next CoD?

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