TIP: Get a BIG pic of your CUSTOM EMBLEM via CoD Elite Link! (No TV Pics)

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  3. TIP: Get a BIG pic of your CUSTOM EMBLEM via CoD Elite Link! (No TV Pics)

User Info: BryanPS360

4 years ago#111
Too bad I can't zoom in during emblem creation. I see some imperfections that I didn't notice on my TV.


User Info: sylar860

4 years ago#112
Mine actually came out a lot better than I expected it to. Still obviously a few screw ups but with a little touching up it won't be too bad.

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User Info: iiPatelio

4 years ago#113

*Sigh* it ruined my motion blur, but in game its perfect.. i dont wanna change it >.<
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User Info: yedi

4 years ago#114
darkshadowmaster posted...
yedi posted...
Egad! Apparently some times between yesterday and today most of the membrane things changed color :P


Really like that. Brings back memories :)

Thanks! My first one was a Bob omb(and a kick ass one at that)... I think I need to make a dedicated album for these emblems. I think I enjoy playing with the emblem maker more than the actual game now haha
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User Info: chosen_silver

4 years ago#115
GT: DrZoidberg xxx


User Info: d2king12

4 years ago#116
My yeti: https://api.elite.callofduty.com//emblem/xbox/54d10030cc86b1b952c951ad98326bd3?size=300&title=ops2&imgtype=png

User Info: GreatTroySensei

4 years ago#117

Updated. Pretty happy with this one. Have an alt version where it's Snake Eyes behind Storm Shadow, too.
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User Info: talostheundying

4 years ago#118

Very happy with mine, lines don't seem to be messed up or anything at least. Only thing is that I couldn't find a decent puff for her forehead, so I just went with whatever that thing is...
GT: LrdCheesterBear PSN: LrdCheesterBear
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User Info: DarthVader561

4 years ago#119
From: PercySJ | #029
Here are a few of the other ones that I made:
(changed my emblem in game and saved the pic when it refreshed in browser)

I thought I did a damn good job on my Superman emblem until I saw it on here. Not only are things not lined up, but I wasn't even consistent with the shades of red! LOL

I swear to god I saw that exact emblem 2 days ago (the bottom right)
Bullets and all.
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User Info: talostheundying

4 years ago#120
Sorry, I changed my emblem, and now it's a Royal Bear. It was a Jigglypuff before, completely homemade, no tutorials used. Same for my bear, although I don't think he looks as cool...
GT: LrdCheesterBear PSN: LrdCheesterBear
Currently Playing: Halo 4 and Black Ops 2
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  3. TIP: Get a BIG pic of your CUSTOM EMBLEM via CoD Elite Link! (No TV Pics)

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