MW2 seems to be getting mentioned a lot lately. Here's my 2 cents, if you care.

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  3. MW2 seems to be getting mentioned a lot lately. Here's my 2 cents, if you care.

User Info: motorazrv3xxx

4 years ago#21
Final Stand was a joke in MW2. Only reason in Black Ops it had so much hate was because the game was so laggy.

And why are people complaining about Commando? That perk was terrible and any good player will know where you are from a mile away.
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User Info: DutchZombie

4 years ago#22
^agree. I never used Commando and while it was frustrating to play against (like getting knifed through you riot shield), I blame that more on lag. The thing I miss most about MW2, is not knowing what's around that next corner and adapting to it. Some people call it cheap and broken. I call it fun and challenging. So while I may curse you for running MLC, I do appreciate other players having the ability to play however they want. It's sad they have been cutting back on that ever since.

User Info: DutchZombie

4 years ago#23
ArgentumVir posted...
Last stand as a perk meant jack all. When it happened as often as it did in MW2, it mattered very little. You knew to expect it and took steps to prevent it from killing you. Sure the invincibility frames were a little cheap, but as a perk it wasn't much of a problem. Final Stand (mostly later CoDs) and Painkiller were annoying. Final Stand because in later CoDs, you never knew when someone would do the back stroke and screw you over. Painkiller because shooting someone with painkiller never worked. PCP is a helluva drug right?

Hmmm, never had a problem with painkiller. The logo that pops up can be a bit distracting, but that's about it.

User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 years ago#24
If there hadn't been the OMA/DC/Noobtube and MLC setups, I would consider MW2 to be better than MW1. It was that good (and those things were that broken sadly).

My internet connection for MW2 was usually second best in any given lobby, meaning that unless the host quit without dashboarding, I was almost never host. Sure, I could sometimes tell who was host in a game when I was in a one on one battle with them, but I could do the same in CoD4 easily.

The guns in MW2 had the best selection in terms of being different, but all usable. The F2000 was one of my favorite, and most used weapons. I got the Mastery title on all of the primaries, and the 500 kill title on every weapon but the Javelin. You could seriously use any weapon that wasn't the Javelin as your primary weapon and go to town if you knew the map well enough. And still go positive while doing so. That is incredibly hard to design in a game while keeping the guns as different as they were in MW2 with as many options as they had, and it's a feat that hasn't been pulled off since.

Also of importance: once the akimbo 1887s got patched, everything outside of OMA/DC/Noobtubes and MLC had a really good counter, with the later two almost being counterable. Unlimited claymore spam? Sit Rep + FMJ, or use ML to sprint through. Quickscopping in the back of the map? Take the flanking route with your AR then shoot him out of his hole. The noobtube setup sadly, was not beatable on Domination. They could just hit the flags too safely. If they were trying to play TDM sniping almost countered them, except they had the overall advantage in angles. Against MLC, shotguns almost worked, except they could knife you even through AA-12 blasts. Everything else was beatable. Even painkiller you could OSK through if you had the right shotgun and perk setup. And it was the one game with Last Stand where it didn't bug me.

The maps I loved. I could happily play on any of them. I even like Derail and Estate once I figured out the best way to go about them. And all of the maps for SnD were fairly balanced outside of Scrapyard, which was imo way too small once you added in Marathon. The maps themselves had the right balance of verticality, cover, and LoSs. Highrise is still one of my all time favorite maps, as is Terminal.

Even with OMA/DC/Noobtubes and MLC being way too rampant, MW2 is the second best CoD atm. BO1 lacks any weapon diversity, stronger lag problems, and has some lack luster maps, MW3 has too much clutter on the maps, has stronger lag problems, and weapon diversity that doesn't quite match MW2's level. BO2...we'll have to wait and see, but I don't think it can beat MW2. Even if they iron out the lag, these maps by far have the most headglitching spots in the series, and are too narrow in a lot of cases.
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User Info: foxop

4 years ago#25
MW2 had amazing potential, however in my opinion, the flaws mention in the OP were just to major. The explosives alone made the game unplayable for me. I love the feel of MW2 and the guns, it's just that I never had fun playing it due to all of the bull****.
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4 years ago#26
Can I just say, I have never had a problem with MW2's commando knife lunges, OMA explosives, or any of that. I only had an issue with the Nuke boosters ruining my FFA matches, but then again spoiling it for them was like playing a fun challenge mode by itself. I used to stop them boosting, and the FOLLOW THEM when they quit and do it again and again all night.

As for WaW the MP40 users were never a problem for me. they were easily the most overpowered thing in the game, especially with juggernaut, yet still i came first in nearly every match without a good connection or using the MP40. The game was insanely fun, had the best maps in the whole series, Unscoped sniper rifles(which I loved) great weapons( apart from the MP40) and it gave us Zombie mode. Hit register was a problem sometimes, but it never stopped me. Like you OP, I overlooked the flaws because it was so fun despite them.

Black Ops was for me like playing COD4 all over again. All the weapons were balanced well, great single player, and the air wasnt full of explosives and air support. I could go full on sneaky or go all out offensive with any weapon and win. I won FFA matches knive only, crossbow only, pistol only - you name it I could win using ANYTHING. The great irony being that the guns I was the worst with were the AK74u and the FAMAS - the so called most overpowered guns! Blops was less well received by players that preferred the faster pace of MW2, as well as a lot of lesser skilled players who could not earn any streaks with the system for the first time requiring you to kill each consecutive enemy yourself. Each to their own.

MW3 I had a bad experience with. It was the first COD game I stopped playing and sold after a few months. My friends had all left, I was having fun, but my connection was awful, and requiring me to spend more money on a subscription to Elite to get the maps the same time as anybody else was the last straw. I went to Gears or War 3 whose season pass was cheaper and gave twice the content MW3's did, not to mention weekend challenges and events and a great horde mode which was way better than spec ops. Had I friends who still played, and a decent connection who knows, but it was a little too chaotic at times. I had a dozen single player games to play, Skyrim, ME3, the witcher 2 - so I didn't have an incentive to play MW3 over them with an empty friends list.

Blops 2 I am back with a super internet connection over 20 times faster than my previous. First impressions are that they have taken the "harder to get streaks" and weapon balance from the original Blops, and taken the fast paced action from MW3. Launch night was amazing, I had a perfect connection and played all night for six hours straight cleaning house. Next night, different story. Despite being host nearly all the time, in every different lobby i tried, i got hammered over and over again by enemies spawning behind, or shooting me as soon as I ran out. Hits were not registering, and I was blaming lag comp. The same the next day. My K/D went from 2.8 to 1.2 after a few days - no joke, and I wasn't laughing. I always go positive, but that's a huge difference in performance. Then something magical happened a few days ago, Its back like launch night again, enemies are lining up to die at my feet. So I used my prestige points to reset and restart and I am back for business. I have won nearly every single FFA match last night and today, and last match I got two dragonfires in a row and went 30-3 running and gunning. When the game works its awesome, but when the lag comp is screwing you over it turns to utter frustration. The patch yesterday seems to have improved the spawns slightly too, so i am dying less due to enemies spawning next to me. With luck this game will continue to be good, but I fear for those with less than excellent connections.

WaW was my favorite and it still is.

User Info: TorqueFork

4 years ago#27
Reading this topic has restored my faith a little. I am proud.
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User Info: Solid_Snake124

4 years ago#28
MW2 was so great. I agree that explosives and the game ending nuke were pretty big problems, but those things don't outshine how fun that game was.
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User Info: Butthead24

4 years ago#29
The first modern warfare was the only legitimate shooter of this new generation of CoD games. If you were good, a person could dominate with each and every single weapon in the game despite their obvious flaws. That cannot be said about the shoddy hit detection and OHKO spamming guns of subsequent entries that led to ridiculous kill streak perks.

The skill gap in all the entries after the original modern warfare is extremely shallow and is almost entirely based on exploitation and circumventing an opponent's ability to retaliate at all.

In every new MW the ability to retreat from an engagement is practically non-existent due to how little health, lack of juggernaut, and how easily a person can be killed with virtually any weapon. There is practically no defensive mindset with these games anymore; that strategy has been reduced to camping. Practically all of the elite maneuvers and tactics involve lame **** that are rewarded with even more lame **** in the form of undefendable kill streaks.

MW2 was the biggest setback of all these games. Blops 1 and 2 and MW3 were poured into that games mold and while they have corrected some of its mistakes, the general demeanor, tone, and approach to the game has largely not changed since MW2. The MW2 formula is still here, it has merely been watered down.

User Info: Extraspectre

4 years ago#30

Oh Yeah, Call of chopper gunner into nuke.

I remember that game.
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