MW2 seems to be getting mentioned a lot lately. Here's my 2 cents, if you care.

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  3. MW2 seems to be getting mentioned a lot lately. Here's my 2 cents, if you care.

User Info: noose0626

4 years ago#51
MW2 is by far the best in the series, so much smoother than the rest, better maps, the weapons felt better, sounded better, and by far has the best hit detection in the CoD franchise.

MW2 is my all time favorite game and i hope i can find another FPS that comes close to it. Blops 2 is ok, but it cant hold a candle to MW2.
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User Info: a_fartn_Spartan

4 years ago#52
Only read OP.

Whether you liked certain games in the series depends on which game types you play. I played Team Deathmatch and Hardcore SnD the most, and I didn't have a problem with Nukes or even noobtubes. But after that game was out for a few months, playing Ground War was dumb and too chaotic. But even still I could play Demolition with ease; it seemed to me like Domination was effected to most, and that's what a lot of people play here.

Oh and since I know someone will question how tubes weren't a problem in Hardcore SnD, if you played it frequently you knew where you'd get hit from spawn-tubes. You knew where NOT to go, and 4/5 if you died, it was your fault. And they weren't much of a problem after the first 10 seconds of the match because everything kills in 2 hits.
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User Info: BrownPack

4 years ago#53
Soul_On_Display posted...
Mental_Daxter posted...
I love you both, BrownPack, and Soul_On_Display.

<3 <3 <3

Spread the <3

User Info: BrownPack

4 years ago#54

User Info: Mental_Daxter

4 years ago#55
I'm still willing to give BOII a chance. If not for Infected, Id've sold MW3 ages ago. If not for the fact that BOII is only like two-three weeks old, it'd be gone too. I admit, MW2 was my first CoD, and I didn't get it until just under a year after it came out. And I rely on playing with a party over randoms now. I'm not good at FPS's by any means. But I know when connection is getting out of hand. When I can ragequit this before I Amanda Todd myself to play MW2 and carry randoms in TDM, that just makes me feel a little better. xP

And yea, I admit I was part of the problem for a long time in MW2 with OMA/DC. I was average by the time, but some things just led me to say f*** it. Even partied up I tubed, but regularly playing with rushers means I never wound up that high on the scoreboard for our team. My connection was never great, nor was my aim, which is part of what lead me to tube. ((Suck at the game, so be a megad****** to everyone, right?)). Now, I can rush around. Like full on out rush the hell out of people, and put scores like my friends were doing. 25-30+ and single digit deaths. Unfortunately I'm so against playing alone in that game... I don't do it that much. I still think Black Ops II has the potential to come close to MW2's standards, but connection is REALLY hindering that likelihood, Thankfully it's still early.
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User Info: params7

4 years ago#56
Mw2 is my favorite CoD. Of ALL the CoD's out there, it had the greatest balance between SMG's, AR's, LMG's and shotguns. And the maps were legendary.

Loved the nukes too. Great memories of it.
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  3. MW2 seems to be getting mentioned a lot lately. Here's my 2 cents, if you care.

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