What CoD did you have the most FUN in?

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User Info: PineappleDonkey

5 years ago#1
Not which game had the best balance, or hit detection, or the one where you had the highest KD in. Which game did you say, wow I'm having so much fun.

For me it MW2, going for Nukes, riot shield classes, javelin glitching, 18 player FFAs on rust, etc. Yeah I know OMA DC was annoying. Yeah MLC was annoying too but I honestly had such a good time whenever I played.

This game is probably a close second. I'm having a ton of fun with this game too.

User Info: Smkvttslzzt

5 years ago#2
Without any doubt in my mind CoD4. It was just fresh and exciting then. A nice change of pace from all the other shooters at the time.

User Info: FeelMyBlade

5 years ago#3
Fun and chaos : Blops 2

Fun and experience : CoD4
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User Info: porkxsoda

5 years ago#4
I always have fun when they first come out.

My gut says to say World At War, because I only played local multi at the time and had a blast. But I'll probably go with MW2, followed by BO 2.

User Info: iiTryhard

5 years ago#5
Mw2 no doubt. It isn't even debatable, MW2 was probably the most fun 360 game for me ever next to Halo 3
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User Info: BrockObama

5 years ago#6
4 > World at War > Black Ops >>>>>> Black Ops 2 > MW3 >>>>> MW2

so far

User Info: devou138rment

5 years ago#7
wager matches on black ops.

pre-patch 1887's is a close second.

User Info: csukar

5 years ago#8
For me COD 2

User Info: Caroutaro

5 years ago#9
CoD2 was the most fun even though it was broken it was the funnest and I think the maps were the best. The best altogether was MW1 though there's no competition, WaW is the only thing to come close but I never played it long enough to see it's endgame
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User Info: ROMKratos

5 years ago#10
WaW. WaW was a blast. Had it for the Wii - the element of actually having to "aim" was freaking sweet.
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