What CoD did you have the most FUN in?

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User Info: Miguelito4988

4 years ago#21
CoD4 and this.
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User Info: CitizenSoldier3

4 years ago#22
ROMKratos posted...
WaW. WaW was a blast. Had it for the Wii - the element of actually having to "aim" was freaking sweet.

mw3 for the wii. sucks with the hackers, but dropping a moab on them and hearing them rage was the best. Add in shotguns could be used in hctdm and beable to do well with it for mw3.

User Info: MC2011

4 years ago#23
CoD 4 without a doubt.

It was a nice alternative to the WWII shooters on the consoles and was addicted to the multiplayer that brought a fair amount of innovation to the series. Plus there was also the care they put into it by doing a multiplayer beta and creating a great campaign. Granted some weapons were more prevalent than others, but it felt balance enough that you could still use any of them and not do terrible. Then you had martyrdom and the grenade spam, but after a while it became second nature to avoid it. Not to mention a lot of the maps were awesome. God only knows the amount of time I spent playing it.

Course everything sort of went downhill after WaW, with MW2 and the rest.
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User Info: therickmu25

4 years ago#24
Mw2 easily. Going for nukes / preventing that one guy who's 23-0 from getting his nuke was like a game within the game.

The tubes were annoying but overall it was just so much fun between the maps and how so many classes were usable.

User Info: HeartPirates

4 years ago#25
That's right, I did it. Come at me bro.

User Info: x1STP_KLOSRx

4 years ago#26
Call of Duty 4

Lag was actually lag and not lag compensation. I didn't get punished for having a top tier internet like I do now. Plus the maps were 100x better than any CoD to date and the kill streak choices were nice. And sniping was visible but not as bad as now. This quick scoping non-sense has ruined Call of Duty as we know it.

User Info: forrestzK08

4 years ago#27
CoD 2.

MW2 when the care package glitch was in full swing. Having massive airdrop/sentry gun/airdrop battles was so damn fun
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User Info: Moegitto

4 years ago#28
HeartPirates posted...

This, when I came back from Iraq the second time me and my whole unit stayed up till morning playing this online. Then when we all got to PT our 1sgt. said "I was gonna run ya'll to death, but I was up playing CoD all night and don't feel like seeing your sorry asses today". Then he released us and everyone got back on Xbox Live. Best.
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User Info: Baseballtitan

4 years ago#29
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User Info: TehPwnzer

4 years ago#30
For me the games are

4=Blops>WaW>>>>Blops 2>>>>>>>>>MW3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MW2
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