your KD ratio?

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User Info: UltraOverlord

4 years ago#1

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds = Spiritual Liberation
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User Info: Blizzard09

4 years ago#2
Means nothing in this game... As its way to easy to get kills... but 3.98
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User Info: AngelicTouch99

4 years ago#3
2.21, I only play kill confirmed and team deathmatch for what that is worth

Edit: Since people are justifying low numbers, I have been experimenting with every weapon and attachment. The Scar blows and I prestiged that piece of crap 2 times. I also rocked the Tac 45 with no primary which is fun as hell.

User Info: Foxx3k

4 years ago#4
Blizzard09 posted...
Means nothing in this game... As its way to easy to get kills... but 3.98

What's your GT?
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User Info: belieber

4 years ago#5

User Info: Inflikt3dSaint

4 years ago#6
1.04. I guess I am an average player. Have been lagging a lot though. Might be my connection, but might also be the servers. Can only hope to see a lag fix soon as I have heard many others having issues with it. Only time will tell.

Nice KD btw.
GT: Inflikt3dSaint

User Info: DontHoldBack

4 years ago#7
The only real control we have is over ourselves. So let's get over it that we can't and we won't control anything else.

User Info: maoriwarrior

4 years ago#8
I love how these guys with really high KD's never post their GT.

GT: [LxG] DiscipleOfFir3

User Info: EyEs fr0m Ab0vE

EyEs fr0m Ab0vE
4 years ago#9
If skill-matching really is in the game, even good players should have an ~1 KD ratio. What gives?
"them memory is xbox hard down the framerate"
From: Fluxeon | Posted: 4/26/2004 2:48:33 PM |

User Info: fatclemenza

4 years ago#10
2.50 something where it will remain until this game becomes less bad

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