your KD ratio?

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User Info: AirRawr_

4 years ago#21
attn: everyone ITT defending why their kd is X amount

youre bad
this guy I_dont_die is trolling around this message board talking trash - ZEERO_04

User Info: ps4me

4 years ago#22
My, my... such large E-Peens in this topic. lol

I'm currently at 1.33

User Info: POWERSLAVE_815

4 years ago#23
I play for fun



User Info: BrockObama

4 years ago#24

I've been suiciding a lot just to get easier lobbies. It's amazing how much fun this game is when you aren't playing with mouthbreathing tryhards all day.

You'll still get the occasional good player or two in lobbies even with a KD this low.

User Info: lderivedx

4 years ago#25

I was never aiming to be mature though. I was aiming to be right and dammit, I've got good aim. - MrSty GT: i derive dx

User Info: ICantNameGud

4 years ago#26

Shotgun, snipers and explosives are all I use, with the occaisional tomahawk. I started going over 2 regularly with a couple weapons so it might improve, I don't care. That matches where everything just works are insane.
Get it right, do it nice. If you make a mistake, you're gonna pay for it twice. If you need it... got to have it. Get yourself a shotgun and bring it back home

User Info: AK47plz

4 years ago#27
1.4.... meh it's decent.

User Info: tranquilizerrr

4 years ago#28
Talk is cheap.

User Info: FeelMyBlade

4 years ago#29
lderivedx posted...


Don't you mean X.999999...?

brohoof anyone? ^-^ /) ? No. of Brohoofs-35
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User Info: jclark210

4 years ago#30
MoreEliteThanU posted...
It was around 5 until I started messing around with goofy classes. probably something like 4.6 now. One of my worst

hahahahahah this is you play against people on shrooms or something?
"i am gunna tell ya one thing and one thing only..."

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