Objective reasoning why skill based matchmaking is dumb

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User Info: Halo_Forever

4 years ago#161
barbjornkuma posted...

I would do the same (handicaps). Sometimes its fun to handicap yourself and try inferior guns like the HK21, or the RPK from BO1.

RPK+Ext Mags

Flak Jacket
Steady Aim

Run around hipfiring the RPK. Surprisingly effective in BO.

Even acog snipers. If I am going try hard 24/7 I can't do this. I will get my **** pushed in. It's terrible. I expected League play to be tryhard mode, but come to find out that league play matchmaking is implemented in public play. Not only does it make league play useless, but it leads me to go into the party games where I can regularly top the leaderboards with an occasional guy that competes against me for top spot, but I can also have more fun even if I don't get 1st place. It's gotten to the point where I don't play public unless I have a full party because I can't stand dealing with the tryhard atmosphere unless I have people backing me up. It's stressful, and not fun like MW3 or BO was/is.

Given that I often play BO II with a guy who has twice my K/D and SPM and I face the opposition he has, I do understand the frustration point, especially when lag comp decides to drop in. For my part I play Public matches for a bit, if it gets too frustrating I just switch the game.
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User Info: angrybirdsdude

4 years ago#162
I used the prestige awards total reset, figured I'd just have fun with shotguns, snipers and what not for a while.

But I think the skill based matchmaking is like, aware I did this. All my lobbies are still MLG tournament-esque in atmosphere and playstyle >_<
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User Info: superfly2222222

4 years ago#163
VauntX posted...
But hey, I guess we're just mad stat obsessed basement dwelling pubstompers afraid of competition... yeah that must be it .

Get confident, stupid.
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