What's your K/D?

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User Info: CobraKingKiller

4 years ago#11
My k/d is usually a 3. However it's a 2.4 on this cod. I'm getting my ass handed to me
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

4 years ago#12
CobraKingKiller posted...
My k/d is usually a 3. However it's a 2.4 on this cod. I'm getting my ass handed to me

2.4 doesn't sound like you're getting your ass handed to you.
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User Info: radax1

4 years ago#13
2.9 because im camping like a douche
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User Info: singhellotaku

4 years ago#14
about a 1.2 or so, I tend to get bored and play suicidally every 4th match or so though.

User Info: TeRry_OrweLL

4 years ago#15
6.79 atm

User Info: killerbasa

4 years ago#16
1,15 here.

In the previous games it typically has been around 1.5, with 1.65 being my highest near the end of MW2 before BO. I also play aggressively for Dom and HQ points and CTF, so I die more frequently which I am okay with unless its TDM.

This game has been tough. Sometimes the lag and lag comp just effs me over, spawns haven't been too bad except for a few times. The SMG laser hip fire cheese isn't working for me. So many times I should have killed guys but it's like they don't get hit. Or getting sniped after I back around a corner.

The only guns that have been good to me are the M8, T25, 870 and Ballista. Oh and any pistol. The OP SMG's don't work for me go figure.

User Info: Appetiser

4 years ago#17
1.96 I think.
GT: Hate House

User Info: typhone004

4 years ago#18
I think I'm at 2.02 right now, but I've been hovering around 2-2.1 recently. The maps are so tiny and spawns are so scattered that it makes enemies appear all around you, making it super hard to go on long kill streaks. I was at a 3.5 in black ops and 4+ in mw3

User Info: Cornbread4life

4 years ago#19
TeRry_OrweLL posted...
6.79 atm

You gotta be careful when it comes to atm...
GT: Cornbread4life
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User Info: kasbian

4 years ago#20
1.34 Which is higher than My COD average (1.2-1.25) However this use to be 1.60 in the first week but has dropped recently and settle here.
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