What's your K/D?

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User Info: mindandsoul

4 years ago#21
O.71 andproud

User Info: Jason_Hudson

4 years ago#22
1.13. Was 1.30 and rising before the patch (got off to a bad start), then I dropped.
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User Info: waqster

4 years ago#23
Blops - 2.80
MW3 - 3.01
Blops 2 - 2.20

Definitely the hardest CoD yet.
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User Info: Arctic_Sunrise

4 years ago#24

"I love finding threads like these, it's like walking outside and finding the city's been bombed while you were sleeping." - Blighboy

User Info: yay4doughnuts

4 years ago#25
I seem to have lost my ability from Black Ops:
MW2 - 3.90
BLOPS - 5.13
BLOPS2 - 2.53

I'm actually enjoying the game though. I don't play much objective (always preferred simple TDM). I have some brief rage moments but I'll just stop playing for awhile if it gets too much.

User Info: BoxTheMuppet

4 years ago#26
Cornbread4life posted...
TeRry_OrweLL posted...
6.79 atm

You gotta be careful when it comes to atm...

Too true.
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Never! (Shudders)
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User Info: Gunther482

4 years ago#27
1.70, which is lower than the last two CoDs.

User Info: nuclearpizza

4 years ago#28
a solid 4.

Lol not.
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User Info: Ricochet888

4 years ago#29
0.90 or so.

Last time I really got into a console FPS was Halo 3, back in like 2007, played PC after I sold my first 360. I wouldn't say it's too bad after having been away from console gaming almost 5 years.


4 years ago#30
1.86. Some guy sent me a nasty message saying "love your s####y K/D lol" the other day because I won a FFA and he checked up on me. His was well over 2.. but then I pointed out that my win/loss was 5.6 if he really wanted to get technical. I hate petty people like this, all it means is efficiency, not skill. I have played many people with varying ratios, and I can tell you that for the most part, especially on this game it does not reflect much on the skill of the player. What about those who play objective games and run straight for the objective while teammates provide covering fire? They both play an important part that contributes to the win, but their ratios will be very different as a result.

What about when I want to unlock all the attachments for weapons like the crossbow, or any other that I am not especially great with, as opposed to someone who sticks with their very best weapon every single time - again, your ratio will be very different, while your actual skill may be the same.

And the real biggie here, is luck and connection. I play some nights and I am unstoppable, then the next I get hammered and feel pretty awful - right after launch this game had more ups and downs than a bloody yo-yo. My connection is always 4 bar, and 9 times out of 10 if someone quits I am made the host - but the lag comp can really screw me over. I see more and more people tactically camping in game modes where they would normally have ran around because of this. That's another point - playstyle and weapon choice makes a huge difference too, if I camp like a bar-steward of course I am going to do better..

Sorry for the rant!

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