Emblems i am sick of seeing

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User Info: effinbeans

5 years ago#11
I don't really pay attention to them but I see a lot of the Ha-Ha ones when I do.
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User Info: Net Shark

Net Shark
5 years ago#12
Mine is original. I haven't seen another one yet. Blops 1 yes but not here. Look
Oh look brain confetti ! Jokers in Gotham City Impostors

User Info: DougyB

5 years ago#13
What about Adventure Time? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/A7sZsAXCcAAud45.png:large

I haven't played in a week but I didn't see a lot then.

User Info: Soul_On_Display

5 years ago#14
Is mine original enough for you? :)

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~People will always nitpick where they have bias.~

User Info: ish0turfac3

5 years ago#15
I have a fancified biohazard symbol
GT: ish0turfac3
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User Info: Antz24

5 years ago#16
I like my Pikachu

User Info: Kieff_Kalina

5 years ago#17
I have a simplified Majora's Mask.
Author of "Dawn of Embers: The War of the YC"

User Info: matt-nicklin

5 years ago#18
You are just jealous of my lvl 100 pikachu
Black FC 2924 3613 2338
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User Info: Crashes86

5 years ago#19

Here is my emblem, I am a massive portal fan. I even have a tattoo of a turret that says Despensing product.

User Info: typhone004

5 years ago#20
Pokemon, majora's mask stuff, and pokeballs automatically get my approval. I saw a team of 6 guys with 6 different kinds of pokeballs as their emblems. It was super cool
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