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User Info: MahoganyTooth92

4 years ago#21
trakrunr4evr posted...
If I could figure out how to start a poll, I would do a SPM poll... anyone willing to make one?

It's in the topic creation menu.
"Add a poll"
in blue.
The state of the pokemon board...

User Info: DamageDealerz

4 years ago#22
The real comparison should be your K/D compared to your W/L
5/18/09 First_Prototype, 1/8/08 Hyperteen, 10/5/10 jayyedX, 3/7/11 Julian___Maze, 4/5/12 lukestarkiller4, all lost account bets and followed through

User Info: MCGTP

4 years ago#23
therickmu25 posted...
*Posts K/D*
*Make excuse why it isn't higher*

I don't see well in 'day' maps. -__-

4.7 K/D
I'm an objective player.


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