Combat axe or ballistic knife to the hand.

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User Info: Net Shark

Net Shark
5 years ago#11
Quote:Net Shark posted...
So I get a bunch of hit markers with a gun and they stick my hand and I die!! Yeah that's COOL!!

Wow so you buy a shooter where guys run around the battlefield with guns, and then proceed to complain about stupid issues like a woman about getting hit by an experienced or lucky player.

Do you see what I get for allowing you to bring a Tv into the kitchen.

The only thing you got right is lucky playeralso I play in the bathroom not the kitchen that would just be weird. :D
Oh look brain confetti ! Jokers in Gotham City Impostors

User Info: scarepro

5 years ago#12
The only guys who complain about these types of logical inconsistencies in a COD game are the same bozos who actually believe there's some sort of realism to being able to snap off shots with a sniper rifle while running around in close quarters, or that you could effectively dual-wield ANY type of firearm in a combat scenario, or that full auto sprays from weapons can be done with accuracy at engagement ranges over a few feet away, or are good for anything other than suppressing fire. As multiple other posters have mentioned... this is a combat-themed GAME. Not a simulation. Games that accurately represent ballistics and combat weapons handling/proficiency wouldn't be too enjoyable. For example, even Battlefield, which strives to be more "realistic" in it's mechanics, is STILL full of "game-ness". Can you imagine a game where two small forces actually engaged at a viable distance from behind cover and took pot shots at each other for hours without hitting anything? It would be awful. Enjoy it for what it is. Personally, when I get taken out by a tomahawk or knife, I give a nod of approval to the guy with the balls and aim to pull that off.
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  3. Combat axe or ballistic knife to the hand.

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