What is the best Map in COD history?

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User Info: Kinvaril

5 years ago#41
Firing Range is the only correct answer.

User Info: eellliioottt

5 years ago#42
I Dont Like Any Of Them,
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User Info: Jurdge

5 years ago#43
I was always a fan of Downpour.

User Info: TimandEric

5 years ago#44
robirmingham posted...
The maps I've enjoyed the most so far are:

Skidrow, Jungle, Village

Village is actually one of my favorite maps in any CoD game. Too bad every other MW3 map was absolute poop.

User Info: chicken8or

5 years ago#45
Superman070776 posted...
Overgrown was the best, Crash was a close second, or even tied for best. Bog was only fun if you got the good spawn, but it was unbalanced. S&D or Headquarters were ok on it, but every other game mode was garbage on Bog.

I only really played S&D in MW. That's why Bog and Overgrown were the best.
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User Info: GhostlyBen

5 years ago#46

User Info: Erupt50

5 years ago#47
It's really hard to say which map was the "best". There's lots of factors that go into that. However if I'm judging it by which map I've had the most fun on, it's Firing Range hands down.
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User Info: VanUltima

5 years ago#48
Tbh there wasn't a map I didn't like in mw2 including dlc. Rust was perfect for demo team tac. Only map I didn't like in mw2 was wasteland if I can remember the name correctly.
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User Info: Crimson_Jesus

5 years ago#49
CoD4 - Bloc

so many memories
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User Info: majorm

5 years ago#50
Another vote for Firing Range. I liked Nuketown but got sick of playing over and over. I think there are some really cool maps in this.
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