What is the best Map in COD history?

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  3. What is the best Map in COD history?

User Info: BluEagle1721

4 years ago#71
Firing range(BO) and Dome (WaW). I'd take most WaW maps over any of the current maps.

User Info: CashDudeHomie

4 years ago#72
COD4 Vacant (was garbage on MW2 because of the weapon and perk changes)
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User Info: xHonestyx

4 years ago#73

User Info: kirbyparufo

4 years ago#74
Mission or Estate. >_>
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User Info: iannono46910

4 years ago#75
2- Carentan
MW- Killhouse
WaW- Upheaval
MW2- Favela
BO- Firing Range
MW3- Resistance
BO2- Only time will tell.....

User Info: chickenlard

4 years ago#76
My personal is Summit.,

User Info: ShadowKratos197

4 years ago#77
summit - BO :)

User Info: keyblade_lord

4 years ago#78
Hardhat, Rust, Standoff, Castle.
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User Info: F-Rott

4 years ago#79
I prefer Ambush from CoD 4 or Castle from W@W, but really, I liked every map in 4 and W@W. It wasn't unitl MW2 that I started disliking maps. They get worse with every game. I can only imagine the BO2 maps being crap.
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User Info: GL17CH

4 years ago#80
lol @ all of you. the best map in call of duty histroy is without doubt Toujane, Tunisia from COD 2.
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