Poll: Skill based matchmaking: YES or NO?

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User Info: Cornbread4life

4 years ago#41
crakb0t posted...
People need to realize what "competition" is. If you are going 50-2 in a game, it doesn't mean you are the best player in the world, it means you are playing against people not at your level. The truth is, a good player playing against other good players should go pretty much even or a few kills on the positive side at most.

Think about pro sports. Baseball games don't have scores like 25-2 all the time. Most games are pretty close because the teams are similar in skill level.

You should NEVER go 50-7 or anything like that if you are playing a game against equally skilled players. People need to realize this. It's like expecting your favorite football team to win by 50 points every game, it doesn't work like that.

Also, COD is one of the few games that have skills matchmaking and it not effect connections because there are so many people playing. Probably only Halo and COD can do that.

Dude they have different levels of leagues in professional sports to make it competitive so that people are actually fans of the sport. The MLB would make no money if it was the Yankees and a bunch of single A scrubs playing in the league. You can't make that comparison.

You run the risk of playing against better people, so what? Deal with it. There's always going to be people worse than you and there's always going to be people better than you.

I think the supporters of this stupid system are the real scrubs, you're all afraid to play against people better than you and would rather settle for a mirror image and pretend you're decent. Each game might be close, but you'll never get blown out of the water. It's a security blanket, you're guaranteed mediocrity every time. Have fun with that.
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