Best gun in COD history?

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User Info: Victor_Jace

4 years ago#101
UMP from MW2. I remember on Quarry seeing a bunch of dots on my uav inside one of the buildings and just randomly hipfiring into the wall and got a multi-kill. Gun was so overpowered. Killed in two hits and, despite what the stat screen said, that thing had the range of a sniper. Speaking from personal experience here.
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User Info: jamejame

4 years ago#102
agammon posted...
Don't know the name of the gun, but it's the second LMG in Black Ops 2. It has a super high fire rate and almost no recoil. I think it hold around a hundred bullets. I honestly feel cheap just mowing dudes down without having to reload. Slap on the scope that puts red squares over enemies, a quick aim grip, and whatever the thing is that increases accuracy and its all over. I set all my perks to whatever helps me get around fastest and I can move like I have an assault rifle. Really, I'm surprised more people haven't discovered this.

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User Info: DrFeelgood1984

4 years ago#103
SPAS 12 - Black Ops
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User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
4 years ago#104
M16A3, Call of Duty 4.

With an RDS it's like a 3-round burst sniper rifle.
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User Info: Zukkus

4 years ago#105
The BAR in Call of Duty 3. Good for close-medium range, and can also function as a sniper rifle with single shots. I still play COD3 occasionally with the small group that still plays, and I can usually top the leaderboards with the BAR.
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User Info: Android21A

4 years ago#106
Prenerf 1887s akimbo. No contest. This topic comes up often and the 1887s always win.
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User Info: TheRedDash

4 years ago#107
Has to be the mp5 from cod 4 but my favorite weapon out of all cods was the AUG from black ops. So many deaths by my hands
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User Info: Alamyst_

4 years ago#108
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User Info: zack12369

4 years ago#109
FAMAS- OP in EVERY Game it's in.
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User Info: T_D

4 years ago#110
Dont know if its the best but the gun I used almost exclusively in BO1 was the Aug with dual mags. Such a good gun. Also m16 from cod4.
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