Best gun in COD history?

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User Info: BOSS52

5 years ago#41
Impact + RDS MW3 L86 LSW

User Info: TheBlueChannel

5 years ago#42
MW2's RPD.
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User Info: mariofan619

5 years ago#43
Pretty sure that 90% of the people who posted don't realize that this topic isn't about opinions.

Either the MP40 from WaW or the M16 from CoD4 = the best.
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User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

5 years ago#44
warior55 posted...
pre-patch Models



So much this. I never even raged when they killed me, I just wanted to use them so bad simply to watch the animation.

User Info: MegaTape13

5 years ago#45
warior55 posted...
pre-patch Models


Yep. Hipfire insta-kill out to medium range, and they could be staggered to deal with multiple enemies up close. On CoD maps, that's a really big f***ing deal.

The MP40 was OP for W@W, but it had a ton of recoil (relatively speaking), and not-great range. Honestly, most guns in that game are objectively worse than most of the stuff in the more modern CoDs.
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User Info: angrybirdsdude

5 years ago#46
The BO1 Famas would be s-tier in any CoD game.
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User Info: blacklabelice

5 years ago#47
the one that i ran throughout the map with while eluding all of your teammates just so i could get my payback on you.

User Info: radax1

5 years ago#48
Grimm Reaper Bops.
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User Info: MMF_Legacy

5 years ago#49


User Info: flagg2kplus

5 years ago#50
lol Javelin Glitch...
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