Best gun in COD history?

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User Info: bazz_aaron

5 years ago#61
In terms of balance, the MP 40 was probably the only gun in all the cod games that was statistically and functionally superior to all the other guns in the game.

In terms of the gun I thought was the best - silenced UMP 45 from MW2.

User Info: Dlais

5 years ago#62
the ACR in MW2.

User Info: mariofan619

5 years ago#63
From: cwatz12 | #057
People heavily overrate the MP40. Was it an awesome gun? Yes. It wasn't like it was the only viable gun in that game though. I personally perform better with quite a few other guns.

People act like it was the only usable weapon in that game which is very wrong.

It doesn't matter how well YOU could do with it. What matters is that it was a 2 shot kill with Stopping Power, ONE to the head. Also had a decently high fire rate and clip size, which made for easy spraying. Not to mention the hipfire. It's basically a laser beam.
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User Info: shemzahaay

5 years ago#64
most fun - ppsh71
best - mp44

fun - all the LMGs
best - mp44

fun - trench gun
best - scoped rifles

fun - 74u
best - m16

fun - Spas 12
best - RPD/Tar

fun - commando/ak47
best - aug/famas

fun - N/A
best - MP7

fun - remington
best - *insert smg with laser here*
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User Info: bdavis93

5 years ago#65
Lunacy182 posted...
MP40 - WaW.

Yeah. Almost certainly MP4, but if not, PPSH.

User Info: Linctagon7

5 years ago#66
COD2 Trench Gun makes the pre-patch MW2 models look like a mewing kitten.

People can't really talk about "COD history" or "The whole series" if they haven't played COD, COD2 and COD3 before MW.

User Info: bdavis93

5 years ago#67
I just remembered.
Death Machine is a gun.
So that.

User Info: mlataupe

5 years ago#68
MW1's M16
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User Info: Uzair_Chief

5 years ago#69
Type 95 from MW3.

It was just a lazer gun

User Info: Illusso

5 years ago#70
AcR silenced mw2 , mosin nouget forgive my spelling., with the iron sights this was beast
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