Best gun in COD history?

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User Info: Draconilian

5 years ago#71
Depends, overall power, MW2 FAL with stopping power and Holo sight. 2 shot kill everywhere. Super awesome weapon.
My personal favorite? Same as above
Best gun in context of the game. BO2 MSMC, amazing overall

Best power, MW2 dual wield G18 with steady aim
Personal favorite, MW2. 44 magnum with tactical knife and FMJ, loved it.

User Info: PFiction24

5 years ago#72
Noob Tube. There, I said it.
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User Info: Gunther482

5 years ago#73
MP40. You could put that weapon in basically any CoD since WaW and it would still be the best weapon in each installment.

User Info: Krazoa2

5 years ago#74
Either the PP-2000 or Skorpion.

User Info: dark_lord_havoc

5 years ago#75
CoD4 M16. 1 burst kills all day from any range

User Info: BrockObama

5 years ago#76
I forgot about the pre-patch FMG9s from MW3. Oops.

Those are the most overpowered weapon in the entire franchise. Those things turned your triggers into auto-win buttons against anyone that wasn't using them within 15-20 meters or so.

User Info: g52

5 years ago#77

Lol at all the cod noobs that started playing after the console versions came out and naming stuff like Galil and AK47

User Info: Erupt50

5 years ago#78
Swagnoceros posted...
Hands down the MP7 from MW3.

Mw3 must have been your first CoD if you think the mp7 is the best gun in CoD history.

Anyway I'd say MP40 followed closely by m16 CoD4
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User Info: JiZjAz

5 years ago#79
MW3 - Type95
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User Info: cjd92

5 years ago#80
M40 acog, from CoD4. If you disagree you never use the glitched OP monstrosity.
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