They nailed it with the "hook factor" this year.

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  3. They nailed it with the "hook factor" this year.

User Info: Michael-kun

4 years ago#11
I like the CoD points system better. You shouldn't have to grind just to get the one attachment that you want.

And CoD points allowed for wager matches and it was fun doing those and hoarding points.

I dunno, I just preferred getting what I wanted when I wanted pretty much.

User Info: NinjaDeath911

4 years ago#12
I like that prestige is 55 and not something dumb like 75
And the prestige symbols are unique and not all the same but palette swapped (lazy IW)

User Info: Rapaleeman

4 years ago#13
Erupt50 posted...
Superman070776 posted...
No because the counter to UAV is Counter-UAV...people just choose not to use it. The level gating is fine. Plus, when you prestige, you can use your token to unlock Ghost for good. I chose the AN-94 on my first prestige, and I will use the next token to unlock Ghost. Too easy.

Yea I love how some guys choose to ignore the fact that theres many other counters to the UAV. Counter UAV, launchers, black hat, hunter drone,etc.

Except you don't unlock counter-uav until level 30 something. Same with the Black Hat (which is awesome by the way). Not only that but you have to use a token on those. They aren't unlocked from the start.

You get a SMAW out of the gate that is unlocked. That is the only counter the game gives you. That is all you get to disable a UAV outside of trying to hit it with a gun which doesn't work too well in this game.

You only get one SMAW rocket per life until Scavenger which is a level 40 something unlock. In going for the SMAW camos, I noticed that I would drop a UAV only to have another one pop up and cursed the heavens that I didn't have another one. Same issue I had when facing a Stealth Chopper. That thing takes two rockets and while I shouldn't be the only person shooting down air support, I typically am.

Anyway, I don't personally have an issue with the UAV spam but the lack of options to drop them out of the gate is a little puzzling considering how balanced a lot of the weapons actually are in this game. The actual guns unlocked by default are pretty balanced with the higher level of unlocks which is pretty shocking to me though some of the unlocks on the score streaks, perks, and equipment are a little puzzling. For instance, why is Awareness a level 50 something unlock? Why is the Claymore a high unlock when it is not only huge but also crap at killing dudes? Not complaints just observations.

My one true complaint though is why in the crap is the Assault Shield a level 34 unlock?
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  3. They nailed it with the "hook factor" this year.

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