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User Info: spindler01

4 years ago#1
1) You should always take the first flag, it's worth points! (doesn't affect K/D, sorry)

2) You should then attempt to get B first ; this involves running towards it and either taking up a point to kill enemy attackers, or dolphin diving onto the flag itself to capture it

3) If you don't get B first, you should make it the most important thing in the game to try and get it

4) By all means camp at their starting point if we have B. Just don't capture it. The spawns then become a tad random and they can turn it around very quickly

5) No-one cares if you killed 40+ people, the important thing is this little stat called CAPTURES and DEFENDS which will earn you much more towards your scorestreak may I add

6) If you decide to camp our starting flag, great, but we expect you to actually turn around and see who's taking our starting flag when the guy yells it over the radio

7) If we have 2 objectives secured then just defend. Don't go running in and leave holes for them to sprint though and take B

8) If your whole team is on B defending, well, they suck, but you might like to fall back to the starter flag and get some defends, as the enemy will try to sneak around the heavily fortified middle point

9) Struggling? Running from your starting point to camp at theirs? Play Team Deathmatch

User Info: wheelchairboy

4 years ago#2
Domination is the only game mode I play, usually in parties of 2-4 people. I am AMAZED at how dumb people are at this game mode and it all has to do with the first step in your process.

DO NOT TAKE THE FIRST FLAG YOU SEE WHEN THE GAME STARTS. I have played and won well over 100 games of domination and EVERY game I play in I see 6 people run to A or C and fall down on the ground. Good for you guys, you got 50 points. I on the other hand have been capping B for you and I just got 200 points.

This is the one thing that drives me crazy about domination teammates. We only need ONE teammate capturing A or C and we need FIVE teammates trying to cap B. I can count the times on one hand I have had to shoot someone while trying to take B at the start of a round because the whole other team is sitting on their base trying to get their 50 points.

You want to win Domination, rush B at the start of a round with 2 players. Have one lay down smoke and the other a trophy system. That's it, you cap B, no one kills you, you win the match because it's so hard to retake. I've done this on Hijacked and capped B before ever seeing another player from the other team.

Better yet, never mind...keep jumping on A and C and get those 50 points...makes it so much easier for me to get my 200 at B.
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User Info: therickmu25

4 years ago#3
Go to B FIRST!

User Info: bagmup

4 years ago#4
therickmu25 posted...
Go to B FIRST!

Especially on god awful maps like Hijacked.
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User Info: ICantNameGud

4 years ago#5
Yea I never cap the first flag, smoke grenades and B flag. I play solo but I made my clan tag BFlg
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User Info: Nynjah

4 years ago#6
And also, like tc already stated. DO NOT take their flag, cause guess what happens when you do. That's right they start spawning everywhere, making it easy for them to get behind you.
GT : Nynjah84

User Info: dueric

4 years ago#7
Here's how I play Dom.

1) Cap A/C

2) Rush B, get killed

3) Respawn; see my entire team of "skilled players" defending home flag.

4) Leave game.

Join second game

1) Cap A/C

2) Rush, B, cap it easily

3) Kill enemy in their spawn all game because I got on the good side of the "skill based" matchmaking.

4) Go 51-5 with 4 caps 0 defends
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User Info: Jonnywestside

4 years ago#8
If your holding A and the enemy has B & C capturing C is a good idea since most of the enemy team will capture A or C (depending on their spawn) since they know they will get 200 poimts for it, this makes capping B a bit easier.

Only have 1 player cap the first flag since its almost impossible for the enemy to stop them thus allowing the 5 others a head start on capping B.

User Info: CammyApple

4 years ago#9
This should be called "how to play Dom at mediocre levels". If you have a good team you should triple cap and hold it.

Only one person takes opening flag, the rest cap B and move on.

User Info: josefrees

4 years ago#10
Running the long way to their spawn right from the start usually shuts the enemy down for a while.
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