Mt. Dew Double XP code

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User Info: AncYuber

5 years ago#1
Dont play and dont know if this is useful but here is the code! =p


User Info: UltraOverlord

5 years ago#2
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds = Spiritual Liberation
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User Info: L4DMalus

5 years ago#3
Mountain Dew was giving double XP for Halo 4 not Black Ops 2 o.O
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi

User Info: BlackBarny

5 years ago#4
that only works for Halo 4 i think

User Info: AncYuber

5 years ago#5
Ah it is for Halo 4, sorry guys :(

User Info: GRTooCool

5 years ago#6
I remember during the midnight release, some people were posting that they had bought a bunch of Mountain Dew and are waiting in line for BO2. I was thinking, "Uhhh.. what? Why?" lol
Anyone who supports DLC of any kind deserves a swift kick to the balls... repeatedly. Take a stand! Stop giving companies extra pocket money.
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  3. Mt. Dew Double XP code

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