They fixed the movie prestige glitch

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User Info: DestinysSonNeji

5 years ago#21
CammyApple posted...
DestinysSonNeji posted...
doomedsunsoul posted...
fatclemenza posted...
I'll give some credit to Treyarch for taking care of it in short order. It shows a good precedent in case anything actually game-breaking ever surfaces.

Haha really?

They fixed it cause it would cost THEM money down the road.

People maxed out might stop playing and avoid DLC.

People trying hard to earn prestige would be butthurt that tons of people are 10th and quit the game before DLC.

A week from now TONS of people would have done it and the resets/bans would piss people off before DLC.

3ARC doesn't give a damn about game-breaking. Only wallet-breaking.

You know, I always thought 11-20 prestige in MW3 was due to the token glitch and because these exact reasons.

I'm a 20th in MW3 not max level and never used the glitch. I also never bought any of the DLC.

I'm not saying people didn't get it legit. After so many glitches to ten, IW stops the glitch and adds 11-20 to keep the glitchers playing rather than reset half the community.
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  3. They fixed the movie prestige glitch

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