How many people do you report a day for offensive emblems or other reasons

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  3. How many people do you report a day for offensive emblems or other reasons

User Info: blacklabelice

4 years ago#41
Eternal_Warlord posted...
I report anything of a sexual or otherwise offensive nature.

If you don't like it, tough ****. Learn to draw something other than animals getting violated or whatever your poor perception of sex is. Maybe something that isn't so racist and bigoted for once in a COD game.

Besides, if the option is there I'm gonna use it. Simply because it's available so that people can report obvious violations of the ToS agreement.

And, as a bonus every once in awhile I'm surfing the web and run across someone complaining about getting punished for knowingly violating that same ToS. Full circle. Be dumbass, experience dumbass, consequences of dumbass.

ahhh darn. its a good thing you censored that properly. i make a point of letting everybody know that i report everybody who bypasses the swear filter on these forums in threads boasting about how they report everybody! no reason really. just because its a TOS violation and the option is there.

had two of the threads removed so far from my hallway monitoring. but theres no way thats gonna stop all these threads from popping up every day! but with all these prestiged lobbies it looks like weve all moved on to something else to discuss today anyways other than dicks and swastikas. that seemed to be the topic of the week for some odd reason.

User Info: aNiceLay

4 years ago#42
I don't have the time to report because I am too busy leaving lobbies and rejoining them to find a working match.
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User Info: blacklabelice

4 years ago#43
ha ha that was pretty much my experience last night.

User Info: Hoogovens

4 years ago#44
curtland posted...
You know why being able to report emblems is GREAT?

Because my entire life I've seen the work of drooling MORONS scrawled on bathroom stalls, park benches, public buildings, etc, etc and it drives me up a damned wall.

You have THAT little respect for other people's property or other people in general? Or do you have to show the world what a F****** REBEL you are because you defaced something by scratching a crudely drawn wang into it?

Well I can't report THEM, because they always do it when no one is watching. So being able to report these immature little turd bags who think the height of hilarity is putting an erection on a dolphin or showing KLAN MEMBERS HANGING AN APE gives me just a modicum of solace.

It's really kind of great. Plus, then we get the added bonus of having those banned showing up here whining about people reporting their idiocy.

It's like getting two rewards.


User Info: xHOJUx

4 years ago#45
zombie95 posted...
I only report Swastikas, pretty much. As I've said before, if you think it's funny, you're an idiot. If you're a Nazi, **** you.
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  3. How many people do you report a day for offensive emblems or other reasons

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