I report anyone with high prestige and few kills.

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  3. I report anyone with high prestige and few kills.

User Info: mcpuppet101

5 years ago#31
Sadly the MP servers are offline right now or were for last couple hours due to those extorting glitches etc. havnt u ever noticed that using certain glitches in games can cause alot of other stuff to mess up, or how bought the fact that the video or w/e ppl are using for this cheat is probably made by the same ppl that spend all there time with aimbots and making similar 10th prestige lobbys. So yes i report any and all i believe to be cheating and its not because i dont like them but i hate what it does to the game and those of us that play it legit for fun. You wanna break the game fine, but do so offline and dont selfishly effect others with it.

User Info: TheSeattleGamer

5 years ago#32
Reported two of them tonight already. Both didn't even have 2000 kills between them. Good feeling reporting cheaters just like reporting all the bad emblems.
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User Info: Lozh900

5 years ago#33
I haven't reported anyone but I agree those who cheat/glitch should be punished.

It's meant to be a game and a device for which you work to reach higher levels.

Not only does gilt hint to the last prestige go against what the developers had in mind but it also devalues all those hours someone else has out in just to reach prestige.

We all know no matter what, the higher prestige you are now that trolls in the game will report you anyway.

Imagine you worked really hard for hours and hour and weeks and weeks to reach the highest prestige and then because of suspicions you het reset to level 1.

Look at the probation crap to know grey arch aren't exactly on the ball.

Host quits. People are getting probation for quitting early even though the game session was closed by the host and it couldn't migrate.

It's going to just have a negative effect for everyone who plays the game really.
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User Info: FeelMyBlade

5 years ago#34
Same, I am reporting them also.

Time to clean up this community.
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User Info: jay11228181

5 years ago#35
FeelMyBlade posted...
Same, I am reporting them also.

Time to clean up this community.

User Info: blacklabelice

5 years ago#36
just look at the time played. i dont think that resets? could be wrong

i thought you go back to level 1 noob emblem if you choose to reset? i havent tried so i dont know what it does

either way all these high level players with low time played or kills get a report from me. if it gets followed up on im sure treyarch will be able to figure it out. but they have their hands full with a whole pile of losers right now to deal with, most of these guys oughtta be laughing about it for a week or two until they get reset too

they wont get em all but plenty of people oughtta be dealt with. they probably spend more time dealing with cheaters and boosters than they do fixing the game

User Info: towlie_420

5 years ago#37
I am too drunk to read all of that so if sombody said it already..sorry. Leaderbord stats got reset at the begining of this week, lots of people I know are P*&^ about it. Anyway look at there Combat record and you can find an accurate kill count, check there before reporting anyone. I really would suck if sombody lost everything they worked honestly for because of a glitch or whatever caused the leaderboard crap.
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User Info: blacklabelice

5 years ago#38
BgSoA posted...

Seriously, these glitchers are not causing anyone any harm. They are still going to be scrubs who can't aim, can't shoot, can't play, can't go positive; they can't do ANYTHING. That's why they glitch. You running out and crying foul at them is just cute, that you actually care what they're doing. It's not even an important bonus they're getting. Not a wall hack, or an aim bot, or something useful... They just get prestige ten. Heh.

so what about those who went from zero to hero by performing a known hack, and then go running into a public match, using all of the weapons, killstreaks and perks that they didnt have before and had to obtain by cheating? how is that not causing anyone else any harm? the rest of us legit gamers have to deal with them. but why should we have to? because of a bunch of hackers able to find holes in the games code and deciding to share?

its nice to get shot in the back by some schmucks AN-94 that he rightfully 'earned' by cheating, even though 12 minutes ago he was just a level 17 bum. or having to deal with the odd noob who glitched his way to level 50 just so he could unlock his tactical insertion and boost some more just to get his weapon camo while in the meantime im stuck trying to take out his helicopers he unlocked illicitly and is sending out while boosting in game? how about that dude that you should have seen on radar but he ran up and flanked you from behind while you had your UAV up had it not been for the ghost perk he just cheated to be able to use inside the 8th custom class he didnt even earn???

nope. not effecting anybody elses game. none whatsoever. i dont care about emblems, trash talkers, griefers, campers or any crap like that. the only thing that gets me going is having to put up with boosters and cheaters when its effecting my gameplay.,

ill report those fools all day long and hope that justice gets served. the rest of the guys i dont care about. i dont care about their stupid little emblems or that levelling up and earning xp/challenges means nothing to them. i just dont feel that i should have my KDR or record affected by items they shouldnt be using.

User Info: fireblade1994_9

5 years ago#39
clegg105 posted...
Everyone I come across now that is high prestige sucks balls too. So funny...

because there's no direct correlation between prestige level and actual skill

User Info: iRobotic user

iRobotic user
5 years ago#40
i report anyone that plays this game
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