Holy cow, I'm a rusher!

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  3. Holy cow, I'm a rusher!

User Info: KSCOKid

4 years ago#1
I got tired of always getting killed from behind whilst rocking a AR so I decided to be a rusher in a DOM game with a SMG. My plan was to get the B flag and never let it go. I rushed there spawn every now and again and I was surprised how much fun and how well I did.

I took off that damn suppresser and just ran around while playing the OBJ. Damn fun staying on the move. Plenty of double and a few triple kills just being quick.

User Info: Escaf1owne

4 years ago#2
Welcome to the wonderful world of run and gun.
Playing: D3, BF3, MW3....3's are good.

User Info: colma919

4 years ago#3
D3, take that out!
GamerTag: ChiefWiggum119

User Info: chicken8or

4 years ago#4
This is my first CoD game where I rush more often than not. It's all fun and games until lag comp comes to bite you in the ass though.
GT: Chicken8or -Epic Halo 4 moment below!!!

User Info: momar_1983

4 years ago#5
GT: xXdirty McNasty
Zombie mode [ON]
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  3. Holy cow, I'm a rusher!

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