Fun with hate mail

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User Info: Arctic_Sunrise

5 years ago#11
Only one, which was "Love ur s***ty K/D."

My K/D is like .84 :P
"I love finding threads like these, it's like walking outside and finding the city's been bombed while you were sleeping." - Blighboy

User Info: J2DK

5 years ago#12
I love using shotguns and have loved using them for about ten years. I was told, "Hey little kid, stop being gay. No one is impressed by you playing like a (gay slur)." I replied "Lol." I got more "little kid" mail. He accused me of camping with a shotgun in the corner. I informed him that I am a charge nurse, not a little kid. Hr was mad because I was consistently killing him and his friend with my shotties for three games in a row. He started hunting me, so I started messing with him.

At one point I ran around in a circle while he looked for me before shooting him in the back.

Why is it that only in call of duty do I run into actual kids who call every other player "kid"? It's so stupid.
I feel my blood rushing through my body. Yes, this is it. The feeling - it's coming back to me: the sensation of killing.

User Info: TheManlyManatee

5 years ago#13
A guy was talking smack to a player who wasn't playing well. I interrupted as I was on top of the leader board and called out the guy who was smack talking as a camper who only cared about K/D. He starts raging and ranting about how camping for K/D is harder than running around collecting tags in KC. I pretty much start laughing at him along with a good portion of the rest of the lobby. He then rages and says how this game sucks but he only plays in order to "get paid". Then he says he has a youtube channel with 30K subscribers and he's gunna send them on me. That was over a week ago and I still haven't gotten any messages or anything. Some people are weird.
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User Info: ish0turfac3

5 years ago#14
I got one the other day simply saying "you like big dick"
GT: ish0turfac3
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User Info: thekrow1

5 years ago#15
I was called a "hard scoping camper" because I was using a sniper rifle the way it was meant to be used. So many idiots in this world.

User Info: outcast1398

5 years ago#16
I've been waiting for hate messages but have had none. Especially after this match on Hijacked where I kept getting behind these 2 sniper "kids" (from the grave talk is so freakin awesome :) ). Thought for sure I was going to hear it from them. I mean I did hear their whines.

I'm 1.5 prestige in to this game and only had one message complimenting my SJSharks logo :)

User Info: VIC10U5

5 years ago#17
Just got my first hatemail last night playing kill confirmed. Guy sends me a message after the match calling me a 'cheating loser' I ask him why and he says that I am using a modded controller to which I tell him that I use a standard WIRED controller. He said that "no pistol shoots that fast" ( I was using the B23R, silenced with tac knife) to which I told him that this particular gun does. He also complained that I was "outstabbing him", so I joined his lobby that he and his friends were in and proceeded to decimate them as I was placed on the other team. I then got messages from his friends saying that I was 'reported' and that they had recorded video proof of it.


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