Halo sucks because of CoD (for most people)

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User Info: angrybirdsdude

4 years ago#21
ItIsAPsyBorg posted...
Andrew_Ryann posted...
if its 2v1, unless they are absolutely the worst ever, you're dead, unless you have a power weapon or something. I also quickly grew tired of grenade spam.

THANK YOU. Seriously. I have been waiting for someone else to say the truth about Halo for a long time.

The larger amount of health in Halo makes it very hard to manage a 2v1. There is no quick run-jump into just the amount of cover that will allow you to take people out sequentially in Halo. There is you being attacked by two BRs over a longer period of time and your chances are slim to none in beating them both. Halo is much more about teamwork than COD is.

If you filled out a job app before or wrote a resume, in the skills section you would list a all relevant work skills you have. So if you were applying for a job playing Halo your list of relevant skills should include the ability to dodge, maneuver efficiently and access situations quickly to determine victory or survival in the current situation. CoD does not have these things.

I can't use BO2 to counter your argument because it is a bad game, but COD4 / WaW will do nicely.

Here are some of the various things you need to do in these games:

- Have a strong understanding of the maps, including knowledge of and ability to improvise secret vantage points.

- Compensate for sway and recoil, manually or via burst fire.

- Play to your class' advantages and anticipate the enemy's classes and strategy, especially on short notice (need to react).

- Do YY and reload cancels with perfect or near-perfect timing to increase the chance that you can kill someone quickly.

- Hit someone only exposing their head at longer distances, especially when not using a sniper rifle.

- Throw grenades with perfect fuse timing and accuracy, especially when not done off spawn; see in your head where you will be throwing them before exposing yourself, especially in tight situations.

- Anticipate probable enemy attack routes via knowledge of teammate locations and enemy firings.

etc., etc., and so on. Long story short, this series may not be your cup of tea, but to think that it doesn't take talent is outright daft unless we're speaking of the worse games in the series.

all of those apply to halo.
spread the <3
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