Who thinks they should go back to the 3-5-7 default killstreak system from COD4

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User Info: markywho

4 years ago#31
From: xXFlam1ng_N1nJa | #005
_Xymemaru_V posted...
I do. Killstreaks have gotten WAY to out of hand. There's 1000 things to constantly worry about. Hunterkiller, Stealth chopper, Warthog, UAV after UAV, RC-XD. I want to go back to when I had to worry about GUNS killing me. COD4 had it best, UAV, and airstrike, and a chopper. Nothing to overpowered. You had to try with the airstrike and it could be avoided, as could the chopper but not the point where it's useless.

I'd like the game to go back to PvP with maybe a few killstreaks supporting. Having 30 different things allows for 30 different things going on in the game. If you go play COD4 they announcer rarely spoke. Now he can't keep up with all the stuff being called in

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User Info: MaxFelix

4 years ago#32
Kant_Remoob_Eht posted...

*One special streak that is based on the level: Idk on this one..

This kind of thinking only leads to an even more confusing killstreak system. They have to make it as simple as COD4. Something everyone can understand right away. MW3 was almost impossible to explain in a few words.

Focus could be every where else instead - map design, dynamic maps, weather etc. Or game modes, ranking system, competitions etc.

How about changing hardcore mode to realistic mode - with a limb system if you get shot, patching, with actual animation and maybe even a first person perspective cover system. Anything is possible, most of it is stupid, but right now killstreak thinking is blocking actual innovation.

User Info: TimandEric

4 years ago#33
MaxFelix posted...
TimandEric posted...

A 7-killstreak for dogs? or a chopper gunner!? Ummm no that would be ridiculous. The original KS system in CoD4 was fine. I never really understood why people thought that "chopper chaining" was such a big deal when it really wasn't. It was always my first instinct to rush and be more aggressive after I got the chopper because I thought, "Well, I want to rack up as many kills as I can, and If I die then my KS will reset. I wasn't thinking of "chopper chaining", it was just a natural reaction to be less cautious when your killstreaks "capped out".

If anything, capping killstreaks at seven was the best thing the developers ever did to combat camping, not to mention it actually put the emphasis on GUN combat, which FPS's should be about. MW2 started the long decline towards the killstreak dominated mess that these games have become. Add in the fact that now you can "reroll" through your KS layout without dying, and this franchise sorely needs a harken back to the simple 3-5-7 layout.

Dogs were 7th kill reward in WaW. And that's the point. Anything could be the 7th kill reward, as long as the power of the reward suits the number of kills and the overall gameplay. Chopper gunner as a 7th kill reward wouldn't be a MW2 chopper gunner.

With map specific killstreaks they could even add a 4th gimmick reward on large maps. Explained in a WaW context, it would go UAV => Artillery => Dogs => Tank. To me that even sounds like a fresh take. Small maps would have 3 rewards with their own unique 7th kill reward and other large maps might have their own unique 9 kill vehicle reward - jeep, motorcycle, controlable chopper etc. But still just one 9 kill reward per map.

I think we actually agree about most of the killstreaks. I want less focus on killstreaks, less killstreaks and a less confusing and random battlefield. However, I do appreciate the game changing element of killstreaks and the joy of new gimmicks, in a very controlled manor.

I agree that new and customizable killstreaks add an element to the CoD games. I wouldn't even argue that it is the "power" of killstreaks that is the problem, because it isn't.

The problem is the focus on "achieving" killstreaks that has gotten out of hand. The simplicity of the uav-airstrike-chopper layout was great because it didn't emphasize the "camp for killstreaks" mentality that is promoted in every game since MW2. It was there, you either got the kills and "capped out" at 7, or you didn't and started over again. There was no autonomous "chain streak" that built you towards the next KS while you sat in a corner and did nothing (which is why they left the chopper till last).

In short, you got a nice little bonus or reward for killing players with GUNS, not killstreaks, and when you capped out at 7, then you either had to die, or run the rest of the match without gaining anymore killdtreak rewards. It was simple, fair, and made sense. I'm not completely against any new killstreak additions, but they need to be either support based (non-lethal) or not autonomous/under-powered.

User Info: TecmoB0

4 years ago#34
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User Info: greggreggreg2000

4 years ago#35
I don't like people being able to get their killstreaks multiple times per life. I liked the Black Ops 1 way of doing things.
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User Info: chessmyantidrug

4 years ago#36
If we went back to the 3-5-7 format, people would still complain about UAVs because everybody would be running them. The biggest problem with the Call of Duty 4 killstreak structure was stacking killstreaks. You get your seven kills for a helicopter, die, call it in. That helicopter gets you three kills, you call in your UAV. The helicopter and you combine in some fashion for another two kills and you call in your airstrike. The airstrike gets you at least two more kills and you "earn" another helicopter. Die, rinse, repeat.

TL;DR: You get 5 kills, airstrike gets 2, die, call in chopper, it gets 5 kills, airstrike gets 2 kills, die, call in chopper, it gets 5 kills, etc.

Infinity Ward changed the game when they introduced customizable killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2. Treyarch simplified things in Black Ops when they got rid of the nuke and forced you to earn killstreaks since they didn't stack. I thought Sledgehammer changed the game again when they introduced strike packages. I hoped Treyarch would include that in this game, but they went a completely different route.

The scorestreak idea is a very good one, but perhaps the implementation could have been better. People complain that UAVs are "too easy to get" even though the requirement is higher than any previous Call of Duty. Instead of bringing back RC-XD, they could have included a basic airstike, something that comes in an bombs a small strip of the map. They probably should have included a weaker chopper instead of a Death Machine or War Machine. The higher scorestreaks are just fine, although moderately difficult to earn. Once you earn them, though, they usually get you pretty far along toward earning them again.

User Info: OrlandoMagician

4 years ago#37
Scrap the killstreaks and replace it with Specialist. Yes, they are "killstreaks", but they don't directly grant kills. If anything, it would remove the need for counter killstreak perks and speed up gameplay imo.

User Info: zxrax_alt_1

4 years ago#38
From: dueric | #002
Not me. That would be so boring compared to what we have now.

Not to mention, anybody can hit a 7 streak. There would be even more streak spam than there is now.


I'd be okay with a 4-7-10 system though. Or something like that.
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User Info: chessmyantidrug

4 years ago#39
OrlandoMagician posted...
Scrap the killstreaks and replace it with Specialist. Yes, they are "killstreaks", but they don't directly grant kills. If anything, it would remove the need for counter killstreak perks and speed up gameplay imo.

I can get behind this idea, but I would rather have the option. Treyarch should have kept strike packages while implementing scorestreaks.


4 years ago#40
No Way.
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