What the **** is a tryhard? If someone kills you, that means you got outplayed.

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  3. What the **** is a tryhard? If someone kills you, that means you got outplayed.

User Info: ImTooSkilledd

4 years ago#41
GaMeKzwner101 posted...
ImTooSkilledd posted...
wartpigX posted...
lol people STILL think being good at COD requires any type of skill

Uhhh...so what separates players who go 5-25 every game from those who dominate consistently? And it's not just experience; there are people who have played twice as much as me but I'm still far better than them.

Does CoD take a lot of skill? Hell no. Does it take much skill compared to other games out there? Nope. But stop acting like there's literally no skill gap in CoD. There are kids out there who can't aim for **** and constantly lose gunfights. What separates the people who dominate from those kids? All connection? **** outta here.

It does bug me when people brag about being great at CoD, as if it takes a lot to become good at it. It's definitely an easy game with a small learning curve, but there still is SOME learning curve.

those same kids getting annihilated 'constantly losing gunfights' are most likely getting destroyed in every other multiplayer game they play do you acknowledge this or

I already mentioned CoD takes less skill than the majority of other shooters, so yeah, they probably are getting destroyed. But that has nothing to do with my point.

Answer my question: what separates people who consistently do well in CoD compared to those who don't? Pure luck and connection? Can't always be experience, because there are plenty of people who are high prestige and still suck.

Not sure why you guys insist on making this argument. If you were to say that Call of Duty doesn't take a lot of skill, I'd be all on your side. If you said Call of Duty was an easy shooter and is very easy in comparison to other shooters or video games, again, I'd agree and be on your side. But you all just sound like elitists who feel more important than people who play CoD because it "takes no skill".

User Info: moloko

4 years ago#42
People who call others try-hards are usually try-hards themselves who claim they are playing just for fun. But if you were playing just for fun...you wouldn't care if you were getting beat by someone else. But you do.

Also...try-hard is terrible slang. Just like something is "beast". Horrible slang.

User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

4 years ago#43
Draconilian posted...
FeelMyBlade posted...
When someone calls you a tryhard, it means they are mad.

Or, that you're using the cookie cutter best class setup

Is it funny that I tagged FeelMyBlade as Brohoof?

On topic though I think it is more of a mix of them being mad at you, and if you are using any weapon that happens to be the popular item of the month/year/week/day.
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User Info: BgSoA

4 years ago#44
A tryhard, in my opinion, is the guy in MW3 with an ACR silencer + extended mags, portable radar, claymore, blind eye, assassin, sitrep pro, wearing a four hundred dollar headset, in a headglitch, ADSing, running support, kill whoring, in domination. That is a tryhard player.

I haven't played Blops2 enough to give an equivalent in this game, but probably something similar applies.
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  3. What the **** is a tryhard? If someone kills you, that means you got outplayed.

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